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- Browns Win Coin Toss Over Tampa Bay

Chris Pokorny February 23, 2007
Chris Pokorny
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The Cleveland Browns won the coin toss and will pick third in April's draft, instead of fourth. The coin toss took place in an unoccupied ballroom of an Indianapolis hotel early this morning, according to various reports. An NFL network crew was their to see the reactions from Tampa Bay Buccaneers general manager Bruce Allen and Browns general manager Phil Savage.

Allen volunteered to be the one to make the call on the flip (I guess Savage didn't want the embarrassment of picking the wrong side), with NFL Director of Player Personnel Ken Fiore making the toss. Allen called "Heads," and thankfully for the Browns and Savage, it landed on "Tails." The Buccaneers shouldn't be too upset, because in my mind, they still have their eyes on wide receiver Calvin Johnson, and possibly quarterback Brady Quinn if he happens to fall to them. However, by the Browns winning this coin toss, it gives us a whole heck of a lot more options. The discrepancy between the third and fourth overall pick in the first round of a draft in terms of a trade can lead to Cleveland getting a much better deal, if necessary. The Browns and the Buccaneers will alter positions for every round though, meaning the Buccaneers will pick one spot ahead of us in the second round, and so on.

Savage and head coach Romeo Crennel are expected to meet with the media this afternoon, where I shall have another update regarding their reactions. Early reports seem to be that Savage seemed delighted by the outcome of the coin toss.

Now, to some not-so-bright news. Yesterday, Patrick McManamon of the Akron Beacon Journal reported that Kellen Winslow would need four months of rehab after having microfracture surgery on his right knee on January 30. That would put Winslow in good shape to return right near the start of training camp based on the time frame, but as Cleveland fans should know, rehabs don't always go as planned. According to McManamon, while many basketball players have come back good as new from the surgery, many football players, including Courtney Brown, were not able to live up to expectations following the surgery. However, as I always say, I feel it's best to think positive, because chances are that Winslow will be ready to go come June or July.

In another injury tidbit that I was disappointed to hear about, it appears as tough cornerback Daylon McCutcheon is not expected to return this season. He will be visiting the Browns next week to have his knee examined, at which point we may have an official confirmation on his status for the season.

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