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- Dolphins Give Marcus Vick a Tryout

Chris Pokorny May 6, 2006
Chris Pokorny
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Marcus Vick did not get drafted, but everyone knew that some team would give him a shot. Right now, that team is the Miami Dolphins. The Dolphins are allowing Vick to participate in a three-day camp, meaning that there is no guarantee that he will stay with the team past Sunday.

"It's a date. We're not getting married," Saban said, regarding Vick's tryout.

At the start of the tryout, Vick looked to be fast and elusive in moving around. Saban thinks that Vick may be better suited as a kick returner or a wide receiver.

"The guy has obviously got a lot of ability," Saban said. "We certainly thought he had the potential to contribute at some position in the NFL."

Vick's main problem is the fact that he has already had a very troubled history. However, Saban believes that those problems can be put behind him.

"The guy is a tremendous competitor," Saban said. "Maybe sometimes he hasn't channeled his emotions in the right direction as a competitor, and that's probably a maturity issue and obviously something he needs to work on. I haven't had a sit-down with him. But that will be part of the process of evaluating him."

Daunte Culpepper will be the team's starting quarterback this season. The Dolphins have not been able to acquire Joey Harrington from the Lions as their backup yet, and Vick may be a candidate for a third- or fourth-string quarterback.

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