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- Download Mozilla Firefox 1.5 Over IE

Chris Pokorny May 29, 2006
Chris Pokorny
PFC Owner & Writer

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Mozilla Firefox is taking over.

Have you been caught in the web that Microsoft's Internet Explorer is the only web browser for you? Don't be alarmed when you hear that Mozilla Firefox continues to grow, and is now used by 15% of Internet users. That may seem like a small percentage, but it's not every day that something can cut into a product made by Microsoft like Firefox has.

Most of the computers that are bought new already have Internet Explorer installed on them. When people buy a computer, they simply use what's already there most of the time, not realizing that there is a much safer, user-friendly option on the market. Here are some of the neat features that Firefox includes:

-Pop-up blocking. When I used Internet Explorer, I would always find spyware attacking my computer because I couldn't stop the popups from loading everywhere, and it allowed backstage downloads to occur without my knowledge. With Firefox, I have not had even ONE problem regarding spyware.

-Tabbed browsing. Having tabs makes it so much easier to keep things organized when having several pages open at once, especially if you like to multi-task.

-Incorporated search engines. I don't even have to visit google.com, yahoo.com, altavista.com, etc. if I want to do a search anymore. If I click on a tiny icon in my Firefox browser, I can do my search right there! On top of that, I can even do searches on places like WikiPedia and eBay.

-Less space and memory. Internet Explorer uses a lot of resources, and Firefox doesn't really take up any precious computer space. Surprisingly, Firefox doesn't even show any glaring weaknesses despite being "less" in size.

Don't be one of the last people to learn about Firefox 1.5. For years, people have sat back and accepted the fact that Internet Explorer will cause problems for your computer. If you want having to call a technician or eliminating spyware to be a thing of the past, then get Mozilla Firefox.

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