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- Eagles Look for Help With McMahon

Chris Pokorny November 16, 2005
Chris Pokorny
PFC Owner & Writer

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How much thinner can the Philadelphia Eagles get? After QB Donovan McNabb suffered a groin injury this past Sunday against the Dallas Cowboys, the team is forced to turn to third-stringer Mike McMahon.

McMahon, who has been the Detroit Lions backup for the past few years, was signed by Philadelphia in the offseason. He was behind QB Koy Detmer on the depth chart the entire season.

It is not clear yet whether McNabb will only miss one week. He will have furthur testing done to determine how serious his injury is. McNabb has already been playing through a sports hernia, which will require surgery sometime down the road.

"It's pretty much a matter of when I will have it. It'll be the first surgery I have, so I'm not excited about going under the knife," said McNabb. "There are some questions that have been answered and I am going to other people to hear their opinion and I will make a decision afterward."

The Eagles have struggled as of late, especially without Terrell Owens. They currently find themselves on a three-game losing streak, falling to 4-5 and last place in the NFC East.

McMahon almost led a comeback drive at the end of the game on Monday Night, but a dropped past as the clock was running down prevented what could have been a chip shot field goal for David Akers. Instead, Akers had to attempt a 60-plus yard attempt and came up well short.

"It's a little more pressure. It's the real thing," said McMahon. "You have to be ready. It's the situation I've been waiting for. I'm going to do whatever it takes to win. I haven't started in a while, but it's not about starting. It's about going out and being productive with the offense."

Eagles head coach Andy Reid commented as to why he was going with McMahon over Detmer:

"Nothing against Koy. I feel I have two good quarterbacks I can trust," said Reid. "Mike gives you more mobility. He knows the offense. He's efficient in the offense."

The Eagles will battle Eli Manning the New York Giants this week.

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