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- Favre's Decision: Packers Still Waiting

Chris Pokorny April 8, 2006
Chris Pokorny
PFC Owner & Writer

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After a long wait, guess what? You're going to have to wait even longer. In what many thought may be the official announcement of Brett Favre's status for next season, the future Hall of Fame quarterback would not confirm nor deny his retirement, yet again.

"I'd like to say I think we are better, but I don't know if we are," said Favre, while playing golf on Saturday. "I don't make those decisions, never asked to."

Favre has not reached his mind yet. He has already stated that he does not want to return if the Packers do not plan on contending this season. On the same note, if he does returns, he has stated that it would be his final season anyway. Although the media expected that Favre may announce his decision this morning, he said that was never the case.

"The fact that we're sitting here today at this press conference, to me, is a joke because I don't have anything to tell you," Favre said. "Somebody assumed that I would."

One thing that may keep Favre around, despite going 4-12 last season, is the fact that almost the entire Packers' offense suffered injuries last year. If they stay healthy this year, they could return to their playoff status of two years ago.

"Anything can happen, but I never thought we'd ever go 4-12 in my tenure at Green Bay," said Favre. "That's something that I'll have to live with, if I'm willing to go through that again."

Favre understands that even if he does come back though, a Super Bowl is a far stretch.

"Maybe we don't get back to the Super Bowl, I don't know that, but I'd like to think we can compete for it," Favre said. "I want to feel like we can compete for the Super Bowl, not just say that to say it. When I left after the season, yeah, it was tough to be excited about football. But it's in my blood," said Favre.

If Favre decides to retire, the Packers would name Aaron Rodgers as their starting quarterback heading into next season. Rodgers was their first-round draft pick this past season.

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