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- In the Dawg Pound: The Seattle Seahawks

Kevin Figgers October 26, 2004
Kevin Figgers
NFL Columnist

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This was supposed to be their year. Every so-called “football expert” had the Seattle Seahawks running away with the NFC West and basically handed them first class plane tickets to Jacksonville for the Superbowl. The experts seemed to be right----for about a month. The Seattle Seahawks opened the season as one of the best teams in football. Known for their explosive offense, they began the season by dominating on defense only allowing 13 points through 3 games with a shutout in between. But while people were mentioning how dominant the ‘Hawks were playing, they must have forgotten WHO the Seahawks were playing. I know what most people say, “Any win the NFL is a quality win”, which is true. However the Seahawks’ 3 victories have come over teams with a combined 5-14 record, with 3 of those victories coming from one team.

Its funny how one game, or one half, or one quarter, or in this case, a fraction of a quarter can change your fortune. The Seahawks were nursing a comfortable 24-10 lead against division rival St. Louis Rams in week 4. The Rams came back and won the game in overtime 33-27. Since then the Seahawks are winless. They lost a tough game on the road in New England, a game that could easily been won if Koren Robinson knew how to catch. And the edition of Jerry Rice, which was supposed to rejuvenate this offense and give Matt Hasselbeck some sure hands, only produced one catch for 10 yards plus a drop.

Mike Holmgren is definitely on the hot seat this season. Many people felt that this team was a legitimate Superbowl contender at the beginning of the season, but the way things look right now, they could miss the playoffs altogether. Until the Seahawks know how to perform under pressure, and also learn how to catch a football, they will remain “In the Dawg Pound”.

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