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- Take your pick: Chad or Vick

Sports Critic August 30, 2004
Sports Critic

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By Alex Fitzsimmons from sportscolumn.com, email alexcolumn@aol.com

Two playoff contending teams, two young quarterbacks, two legacies to prove. Chad Pennington and Mike Vick are a duo of fiery youngsters with unlimited potential and boundless jubilance. Both men started their careers illustriously as Pennington led the Jets past the first round of the playoffs in 2002, and Vick revolutionized the definition of a playmaker, while earning his spot as the poster boy for the Madden cover.

Both quarterbacks also suffered the horrific fate that all rookie stars dread, injury. Having fully recovered from injuries that had them sidelined for most of last season, these young superstars are out to show the world they belong in football.

Two vastly different players with the same goal in mind, to win. The only question now: whom would you take, Pennington or Vick?

One word to describe Mike Vick, incomprehensible. The stellar athletic shakes and spins of this illusive signal caller didn’t go unnoticed two seasons ago. Mike Vick had all the critics raving. Vick could drop back to pass, appear to be sacked, and then, 60 yards and six points later, the defensive players are spinning like tops. Mike changed the entire complexion of the NFL--he basically reenergized the league. He also filled the seats in Atlanta. Vick was the quintessential scrambling quarterback--passing on the run or just tucking the ball and burning the opponent’s secondary. Vick beat the Packers in the first round of the playoffs in 2002.

Pennington made his mark in the league in a more subtle fashion, precision and accuracy. While Vick was running wild in Atlanta, Chad was capturing the hearts of all the New York fans. A smart quarterback that always seems composed while playing. As I watched Chad orchestrate his offense seemingly effortlessly, flashbacks of Joe Montana and Steve Young flickered in the back of my mind; history in the making it seems. Pennington was quietly having a great year with the Jets, and all their hard work paid off in the postseason. In the 2002 Wild Card Game against the Colts, the Jets shut Peyton Manning and Marvin Harrison out 41-0, as Pennington threw for 222 yards and 3 TD’s.

In Vick’s unofficial rookie season with the Falcons, he threw for 2, 936 passing yards, earned a QB rating of 81.6, and threw 16 TD’s. But it wasn’t Vick’s passing merits that had everyone talking. He also scrambled for 776 yards and scored 8 rushing TD’s. His electrifying runs and jaw dropping scrambles forced opposing defensive coordinators to build a game plan around stopping Mike Vick.

These young stars may have had the same goals in mind, but they had two completely different styles to help them reach their goals.

Chad Pennington is a patient, smart quarterback that knows how to stay composed when the going gets tough. Mike Vick, he just keeps on running…and nobody can catch him.

Both of these quarterbacks have also be criticized, but for completely different reasons. While Vick may be able to rush for 100 yards in a game, it’s your arm that will win you games and ensure longevity. Vick’s passing numbers are not yet where they need to be at this stage in his career. Vick could be in danger of being called “the guy that could run but had no arm”. And I know he doesn’t want that.

Pennington, on the other hand, possesses the ability to throw the ball hard and with accuracy; his numbers are just plain better than Vick’s. If a critic (like me) is to pick out one specific flaw in Chad’s stellar game, one would most likely say that he isn’t very mobile and that could hurt his team. I disagree. I believe that Pennington can move very well within the pocket and is smart enough to know when he needs to take off and pick up five yards on the ground. Awareness, skill, and even some athleticism, now that’s a complete quarterback, something Mike Vick is not.

Analyzing both players’ field merits, and their susceptibility to injury, I would say that Vick really has something to prove in 2004. Can Vick pass with the big boys, and can he avoid potentially fatal injuries with him exposing himself every other play? Pennington is under less pressure to succeed. He has already proven he has a great arm, and has demonstrated the poise to take a team to the next level. If I were to choose between Mike Vick and Chad Pennington as my signal caller, I’d take Pennington any day of the week. Plain and simple.

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