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- Tennessee Selects QB Vince Young

Chris Pokorny April 29, 2006
Chris Pokorny
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With the third pick in the NFL Draft, the Tennessee Titans have selected quarterback Vince Young from Texas. Young led the Longhorns to a BCS Championship victory over USC. The Titans were originally considering Matt Leinart instead, but Young suddenly became the preferred pick over the past few days.

Many believe that the Titans see Young as a continuation of an era of Steve McNair. Both quarterbacks have similar qualities, although it is believed that Young has some more upside. It is unclear as to whether or not Young will sit for a year and learn the system, or be thrown in right away.

Scouting Information on Young: Vince Young saw his draft stock skyrocket after leading the Texas Longhorns past the USC Trojans in the National Championship game. Young also finished the season with the nations best passer rating, and finished second in the Heisman voting behind USC's Reggie Bush.

So many people are exited about Young due to the athleticism he brings to the field as well as being a solid quarterback. Unlike a guy like Michael Vick, Young can throw the ball better on a more consistent basis. He does have a sidearm-type motion, but his quick release and arm strength should be fine at the NFL level. His most dangerous aspect is when he's on the run. In college, there were times when he rushed for over 200 yards in a game. Although he sometimes decides to take off with the ball too early rather than waiting for a receiver to get open, he throws the ball very well on the run. His size and elusiveness allows him to break tackles. Sometimes he tries too hard to make a play though and will force the ball into coverage.

Young may need to adjust to NFL defenses in his first year. He will have to get used to not being able to run as freely as he could at the college level, and may need to adjust his sidearm motion if the NFL's tall linemen start batting his passes down at the line of scrimmage.

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