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- Time for T.O. to take a TO

Kevin Figgers August 15, 2005
Kevin Figgers
NFL Columnist

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It was utopia in the city of brotherly love last August as the hometown Eagles introduced their newest ingredient to their championship contending blend in wide reciever Terrell Owens. And after scoring on a 60+ yard touchdown catch against arguably the NFL's best defense in the Baltimore Ravens, Eagles fans could only imagine the possibilities of at least the next seven years of hearing "TOUCHDOWN - McNabb to Owens!" "TOUCHDOWN- McNabb to Owens!" But one ankle injury and twelve months later, that feeling of utopia has turned to a feeling of betrayal and frustration. Terrell Owens has chosen not to cooporate with the Eagles because he was not granted a re-structured contract which would pay him more money, even though he is only in the second year of a seven year contract. But should we expect any less from someone who has had their way over the last year and a half?

Last summer Owens had burned many bridges with the San Francisco 49ers and it was clear that he was on his way out. T.O. got his way. The 49ers reached an agreement with the Ravens to trade Owens to Baltimore. But Owens went to the players union and begged his way out of the deal and told the union who he wanted to be traded to. Once again, T.O. got his way. Well now, Owens is like that kid who has gotten everyting he's wanted, but now his mother tells him "no more" and he begins to throw a tantrum. You can't expect someone who has had their way for so long to just submit without a fight.

However, I applaud Andy Reid and Eagles management for not giving in to Owens'demands. It's time for T.O. to realize that the world does not revolve around him. He signed the contract, so it is his responsibility and obligation to honor it. The choice for Owens is simple. Either he gets on the field and performs and the Eagles pay him, or he sits at home and pouts while he pays them. The choice is his. But as much as he thinks he is sending a message to the Eagles, he is sending an even greater message to rest of the league and that message is "It's either my way or the highway." And as he will learn this season, that's not how the world works.

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