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- Week 11 Predictions: Chad's Promise

Chris Pokorny November 19, 2005
Chris Pokorny
PFC Owner & Writer

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It is Week 11 and the byes are finally gone. It'll seem like a week that's jam-packed full of football as the playoffs draw closer. Even though some teams are starting to fade, no one has officially been eliminated from the playoff race yet(that's right, even the Texans have some hope if they win out and the Jaguars lose out).

Three new quarterbacks will be starting this week compared to last week. Mike McMahon will play for the Eagles, J.P. Losman will play for Buffalo, and Tommy Maddox will start for the Steelers. All three quarterbacks came in relief last week, but only Losman and Maddox were able to pick up victories, despite McMahon looking fairly impressive.

Let's get to the Week 11 games of the week.

(Red = Prediction).

"Guarentee" of the Week
Indianapolis Colts vs. Cincinnati Bengals
This game already has a lot of hype to it since two of the AFC's best teams will be going at it. Chad Johnson added just a little more spice to it though when he "guaranteed" that he will not be stopped by the Colts. While he did not guarantee victory, you can assume that he is making a similar statement to the one he did two years when he claimed the Bengals would upset the 9-0 Chiefs.

The Colts have seemed unstoppable this season, but they still have some tough games they need to win if they want to wrap up home-field advantage. The Colts have played too good in all aspects of the game with Edgerrin James running, Peyton Manning passing, and the defensive line creating havoc. The Bengals only two losses have come against playoff contenders - Pittsburgh and Jacksonville. They will fall to another playoff team, and Chad Johnson will only have a "good" day.

Which Streak Will End?
Carolina Panthers vs. Chicago Bears
Both the Panthers and the Bears find themselves with winning streaks at the moment, and they are both on top of their division. The Bears have had to rely on their defense this season, but the Panthers are winning games by blowing out their competition. Although they are short yardage touchdowns usually, Steven Davis has already rushed for 12 scores. Not to mention that Steve Smith is having an outstanding year himself.

Ideally, this will be a close game. While that could play to the Bears advantage since they are used to playing competitive games lately, the Panthers will shut down Kyle Orton and the Bears running game just enough to squeak out a victory.

One Last Stand
Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. Atlanta Falcons
Last week, the Buccaneers were able to get a much-needed lift from Chris Simms after their defense collapsed. The Falcons on the other hand, were upset by the Packers despite a good game from Michael Vick. This is a huge division game for both teams, since having the tiebreaker over the other could be the difference between the playoffs and not making it.

The Buccaneers are not built to be a firepower offensive team every week, just like the Falcons are supposed to give up a lot of points every week. Both teams will return to their capabilities this week, playing into the favor of the Falcons. As soon as Simms stops moving the ball, the Buccaneers will lose their momentum, and the game.

J.P. "Lostman"?
Buffalo Bills vs. San Diego Chargers
This has to be a statement game for the Chargers, who have a very disappointing record for how well they have played. I say it every week: the Chargers game plan must be to get the ball to LaDainian Tomlinson and Antonio Gates. Tomlinson should have his way with the Bills run defense, who continue to give up yards each and every week. The Bills were able to shut down Trent Green last week, but it'll be a different story this week since Brees has better weapons.

J.P. Losman will get his first start in awhile after an impressive performance in relief last week. The Chargers will have had time to prepare for Losman, meaning that we could very well see the same quarterback who couldn't pick up a first down earlier in the season. You don't improve that quickly as a youngster by sitting on the bench. Chargers win convincingly.

And now, the rest of the week...

Arizona Cardinals vs. St. Louis Rams
The Cardinals should go back to Josh McCown at quarterback, because Warner isn't finding a way to put points on the board. Warner is only effective in a system where there is a great running game, but the Cardinals have no running game whatsoever. Marc Bulger will tear apart a Cardinals secondary that allowed Joey Harrington of all people to have a great game last week.

Detroit Lions vs. Dallas Cowboys
The Cowboys will be on an emotional high after sweeping the season series from the Eagles last week. The Lions are coming off their best offensive performance of the season last week, but Harrington struggles against anyone that has a decent or better defense. Dallas can win this game by forcing at least one Harrington mistake, and should be able to cruise to victory at home.

Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Tennessee Titans
The Titans offense will get a boost with Drew Bennett returning for the passing game, but that won't change their defensive woes. Jacksonville is coming off of their most complete game last week against Baltimore in which they scored 30 points. The Jaguars will continue their hot streak by getting Matt Jones involved in the offense again.

New Orleans Saints vs. New England Patriots
The Patriots have a golden opportunity to finally establish a winning streak, and it starts against the Saints. Tom Brady will have enough success against the Saints defense, the story will be if the Patriots defense is able to stick together. New Orleans has been in complete disarray this year but would love to put together a strong second half of the season. It won't happen this week, as they will suffer their second major blowout of the season.

Philadelphia Eagles vs. New York Giants
Eli Manning will make sure that he does not have two poor performances in a row. The Giants offense will click the same way they have in all of their victories. Mike McMahon will get the start for the Eagles, but there is no way he will be able to get the same type of production that McNabb was able to get - even when he wasn't healthy. The major cause for the Giants losing last week was special teams, which they will defense better this week.

Miami Dolphins vs. Cleveland Browns
Assuming he plays this week, Gus Frerotte needs to step his game up to beat the Browns. Charlie Batch was able to beat the Browns will safe throws last week, but the Dolphins do not have the type of depth to hang on by playing safe. The Browns cannot fall behind, because Trent Dilfer is not the type of quarterback that can play catch-up. Rueben Droughns will be the key for Cleveland again, as he will rush for 100 yards and the victory.

Oakland Raiders vs. Washington Redskins
The Redskins defense will play much better this week than they did against the Buccaneers. They will have to, since they are facing an offense that can move the ball down the field quickly. The Raiders defense is not strong enough to beat Mark Brunell and the Redskins though, who are averaging a lot of points per game.

Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Baltimore Ravens
Although I can envision Tommy Maddox throwing three touchdowns to the Ravens defenders and costing Pittsburgh the game, I am assuming that the Steelers will run the ball almost all game. The Steelers can beat the Ravens the same way they beat the Browns last week, but throw it even less. The return of Willie Parker will give the Steelers an extra boost to their running game.

Seattle Seahawks vs. San Francisco 49ers
It doesn't matter who plays quarterback for the 49ers - Tim Rattay, Alex Smith, Ken Dorsey, or Cody Pickett. Rattay played the best out of them and was traded away, but Dorsey will get a shot against Seattle this week. By time he gets his first completion, Shaun Alexander may have rushed for 100 yards and a pair of touchdowns.

New York Jets vs. Denver Broncos
It's been a bad season for the Jets. It doesn't get any easier this week against a team determined to continue making an impact. Jake Plummer will have another good game, and he'll allow the Broncos one-two punch at running back do the rest.

Kansas City Chiefs vs. Houston Texans
This isn't the week to start calling for an upset. The only reason Kansas City lost last week was due to a bad performance from Trent Green. Green will correct his mistakes and lead the Chiefs to a dominating victory over the Texans. Even though Houston has shown signs of life lately, the fact remains that they still have the NFL's worst record.

Minnesota Vikings vs. Green Bay Packers
Brett Favre is due for another Monday Night spectacular. The Vikings have gained some momentum under Brad Johnson with a pair of victories, but Green Bay has begun to show signs of life as well. It may be too late to talk about a playoff push for the Packers, but finishing the season on a positive note could convince Brett Favre to return next year.

That's it for this weeks predictions. My survivor winning streak ended last week when the Atlanta Falcons lost to the Green Bay Packers. This week, I'm taking the Seattle Seahawks to beat the San Francisco 49ers. It'll be an easy start to finish the season with a good survivor streak, after I ended mine at eight wins.

Predictions Record to Date: 90-54
Last Week: 10-4
Survivor Streak: Lost 1

Expect more game breaks and highlights this week, because the byes are over and the chances of upsets per week are increased.

-Chris Pokorny

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