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- Week 12 Predictions: Turkey

Chris Pokorny November 24, 2004
Chris Pokorny
PFC Owner & Writer

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It is Thanksgiving week, which means that the Lions and Cowboys will see action on Thursday. The playoff seeds in the AFC are beginning to settle in, by the NFC is still wide open, where even the Carolina Panthers still have a reasonable chance. Let's get on with this weeks games...

Gobble-Gobble-Gobble - Turkey Day
Indianapolis vs. Detroit
A FOX announcer said it right last Sunday - "How would you like to be the Detroit Lions, having only two or three days to prepare for Manning and the Colts offense". Peyton Manning will shred the Lions secondary. The Lions have been known to play well on Thanksgiving, but it looks like nothing can stop the Colts right now.

Chicago vs. Dallas
With or without Vinny Testeverde, going with Drew Henson this week will pay off for the Cowboys. He's younger and can bring a lot more energy to the offense. The Cowboys defense is nearly the complete opposite of last years defense, but the Bears don't have much of an offense as we have seen all season. The Bears huge loss to the Colts was painful, but this loss to Dallas will cost them any playoff chances.

NFC Champion vs. NFC Champion
Tampa Bay vs. Carolina
Two years ago, the Buccaneers represented the NFC in the Super Bowl, while the Panthers represented the NFC last year. Both teams are trying to make late season comebacks to reach the playoffs, so whoever loses this game will probably have no chance at the playoffs. The Panthers offense has looked above average all of a sudden, but the Buccaneers have played good consistently for the past six weeks or so.

Fighting For Job, Not Playoffs
Cleveland vs. Cincinnati
The first time the Browns faced the Bengals, the Browns dominated them. The Bengals play much better at their home though, and nearly upset the Steelers last week. Butch Davis was rumored to be fired after last weeks loss, but will stay on. Kelly Holcomb will get the start, and throws the ball well after a week of preparation. The Browns shut down Chad Johnson the first time they played, and will do so again.

New Orleans vs. Atlanta
Jim Haslett will be the next coach fired probably. If you were to bet on a team, I would pick the Dolphins before the Saints, because you at least get a little more consistency out of Miami. The Saints just definitely need a change. The Falcons are still 8-2, and will probably clinch the playoffs in a week or two.

The Rival Part II
Tennessee vs. Houston
The last time these two teams met, the Texans beat the Titans for the first time. Tennessee will be thirsty for revenge, and need to win every game to attempt that last run at the playoffs. McNair showed some positive signs last week, and has the capability to take apart the Texans.

Upset of the Week
San Diego vs. Kansas City
I can see this game being very similar to the Colts versus Chiefs game a few weeks ago. It should be a shootout, but the Chiefs will have the last possession and come out on top. It's also the first time that we get to see the AFC's top two tight ends - Antonio Gates and Tony Gonzalez - face off.

Injuries Lead to Rise or Fall Games
Pittsburgh vs. Washington (Plaxico Burress out for the Steelers)
The Redskins defense should cause the Steelers to put up only around 20 points, assuming that Hines Ward steps up like he always does. The Redskins have no offense, and may throw one or two touchdowns; going the other way or course, as defense touchdowns for the Steelers.

Baltimore vs. New England (Jamal Lewis out for the Ravens)
Tom Brady is a smart quarterback, and will not make mistakes against the Ravens defense. He will make the throws necessary, and allow the defense to take care of the Ravens non-existent offense at times. Without Jamal Lewis or Musa Smith, Chester Taylor has a heavy load to carry.

Game that 100% of the Country Will be Watching
Miami vs. San Francisco
I hope you note the sarcasm in the games title. Both teams are 1-9, so there isn't a lot of positives to discuss. The Dolphins seem to stay in games until the QB throws an interception for a touchdown. Because they do stay in the game though, I will take the Dolphins.

Possible Returns Boost Team Effort Games?
Jacksonville vs. Minnesota
The Vikings finally won a game without Randy Moss last week. Now, they will have him back in the game, and Culpepper should be more than thrilled to have him back. He also has a good bond with Nate Burleson now, and will have plenty of chances, even against the Jaguars solid defense. Leftwich being back will also help the Jaguars, but not enough to overcome the Vikings offense.

New York Jets vs. Arizona
The Jets managed a 1-1 record without Pennington, but they could have easily won or lost both games. It's not official that Pennington will be back, but the Jets should benefit from his return. The Cardinals going to Shaun King could be good or bad. I would have stuck with McCown still, but Dennis Green has improved the team, so he must know something.

And Now, the Rest of the Week...
Philadelphia vs. New York Giants
When these teams faced in week one, it seemed like the Giants would be an awful team. Instead, they have turned out good, and appear to be a better team now. Not as good as the Eagles though, who play solid week in and week out. Terrell Owens should have another big day against the Giants defense, but Eli Manning could have a good game from the playaction since the Eagles run defense against Tiki Barber won't be too good.

Buffalo vs. Seattle
The Bills have been able to beat some good teams including the Jets and the Rams, but they always play better at home. The Seahawks may be without Hasselbeck again and will be missing Koren Robinson, but all they need to do is give the ball to Shaun Alexander, so he can do just enough to beat the Bills.

Oakland vs. Denver
The Bronco's excellent play has seemed to go unnoticed the past few weeks, due to the success of the Eagles, Colts, Steelers, Falcons, and Patriots. The offense and defense are doing superb jobs, and should be able to put the Raiders away at home with ease.

St. Louis vs. Green Bay
Being without Ahman Green, the Packers will need to rely on Brett Favre, which should be no problem for the gunslinger. The Packers are on a role, and can't afford a loss on Monday Night at their home. The Rams can't really afford a loss either, and should play a tough game.

Last Week's Record: 12-4
Season Record: 90-70
Current Survivor Winning Streak: 4 games.
Survivor History:10 games(Tennessee over Miami in week one, New England over Arizona in week two, Seattle over San Francisco in week three, New England over Buffalo in week four, Indianapolis over Oakland in week five, Philadelphia over Carolina in week six, Denver over Cincinnati in week seven(lost), Seattle over Carolina in week eight, Seattle over San Francisco in week nine, New England over Buffalo in week ten, Philadelphia over Washington in week eleven.)

I rebounded with a 12-4 record, as I always seem to pick better when the bye weeks are gone. I am nearing my six game winning streak in survivor again, and I want to surpass that before the season ends. This week, I am taking the Indianapolis Colts to beat the Detroit Lions on Turkey Day.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

-Chris Pokorny

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