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- Week Five Predictions: Divison

Chris Pokorny October 9, 2004
Chris Pokorny
PFC Owner & Writer

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Hello everybody once again. It is week five, and one quarter of the season is over already. I am a bit short on time again, so here are some quick thoughts from last weeks games...

-My survivor pick was correct again, as New England beat the Bills. I'll admit, I was a bit baffled when Buffalo was tied at 17, but then New England showed their greatness by scoring 14 unanswered points.

-Philadelphia over Chicago was a lock for everybody almost, it's just I don't know how the final score only had a ten point difference...

-I think the Giants caught a break. They still played a great game to beat the Packers, but if Favre doesn't get injured, I think the Packers win that game.

-Peyton Manning continues to do nothing but awe me. Jacksonville right now looks like a wildcard team still.

-In the AFC North, Pittsburgh took the lead after beating the Bengals. The Browns beat the Redskins after a spark from Lee Suggs, and the Ravens lost at home on Monday Night to the winless Chiefs.

-I don't think Miami will lose every single game. In fact, it seems like if Fiedler or Feely didn't throw 66-yard touchdown interceptions near the end of every game, they may have won some already.

-When I picked the Titans last week, I thought McNair would be playing. It didn't matter. Volek performed well, but the Chargers offense just owned the Titans.

-Mike Martz had a balanced offense. Really?

That's it for last week. Now here's this weeks games of the week...

St. Louis vs. Seattle
Despite the Eagles great play so far along with the Falcons, I would say that the Seahawks are the team to beat in the NFC. The defense is great, and their offense has actually underachieved so far, even though they've played fine. St. Louis came back last week and beat the 49'ers, who aren't a very good team. If the Rams run with Faulk and pass equally to Holt and Bruce, then they could come close, but the Seahawks should be good enough to win.

Cleveland vs. Pittsburgh
The Browns offense scored two touchdowns in the second half last week against the Redskins, and Lee Suggs ran very well against the number one ranked run defense in the league. You never know what will happen when the Browns take on their division rivals. Duce Staley is the big difference for the Steelers this year, allowing them to have the run attack that they adored for so many years. The rookie Big Ben will try to win his third straight start, which I think is a little too much. Last year, the Browns cornerbacks completely shut down Hines Ward and Burress in both games. Browns win a close won here.

Tennessee vs. Green Bay
We need to see that Green Bay offense that we saw against the Colts. The sad thing is that one of these playoff caliber teams in my opinion will have to go 1-4. I think it will be the Packers. Favre usually does great on Monday Night, and with the way the Chargers tore up the Titans last week, I don't think they can do much better against the Packers. Steve McNair should add the Titans "toughness" back to the team, but not enough to help them win.

Baltimore vs. Washington
Joe Gibbs and the Redskins have now lost three in a row, but I am picking them to beat the Ravens. Why? Despite allowing the Browns to rush pretty well against them, their run defense is the Redskins strength. If Jamal Lewis can't get going, their receivers certainly aren't going to make circus plays. Clinton Portis fumbles these last few games has cost the Redskins. Portis will correct his problem finally, and the Redskins will probably win this one in a very low scoring ball game, possibly a game of field goals only.

And now, for the rest of the week...

Detroit vs. Atlanta
If you told me at the start of the season that the Falcons would start 5-0, I would say that their defense wouldn't be good enough and Vick can't do everything. Well, it turns out Vick isn't doing everything, and the defense looks great. The Lions are coming off a bye, but I think they felt reality when they lost to the Eagles two weeks ago.

New York Giants vs. Dallas
Like the Falcons, I would never have thought the Giants would start the season 3-1, but they have. Kurt Warner is showing that he should definitely finish this whole year as the Giants quarterback. The biggest turn around for the Giants could be Tiki Barber, who is no longer fumbling, and seems to be tearing up every defense that he's faced. The Cowboys are coming off a bye week, but I think Vinny will make a few costly errors late in this game to cost Dallas the win.

Minnesota vs. Houston
I can't believe we are hearing playoff talk in Houston because of their 2-2 start. If they beat the Vikings, maybe I'll start buying into it a little. The Texans are still a team in my mind that are good enough to upset several teams, but then lose to many others. Culpepper should have a big week coming off a bye to increase the Vikings lead in the NFC North.

Oakland vs. Indianapolis
Man, did Kerry Collins and the Raiders lay an egg last week or what? Now that I think about it, Collins last week looked like the Collins who performed badly last year with the Giants. They'd have to make a double 360 degree turn to have any chance beating the Colts in Indianapolis. The Colts have too many weapons, and the Raiders will have to play catch up. They don't exactly have an offense geared for catch up though.

Miami vs. New England
End all of this talk with the Dolphins upsetting the Patriots and ending their winning streak. Miami is the last team that could beat the Patriots at this point. The Dolphins have no offense what so ever. Fiedler likes to throw touchdowns, but too bad he throws them to the defense only. I can't complain about the Dolphins defense, but think of it this way: Miami's offense getting dominated by New England's defense = great field position for the Patriots = Easy scoring drives, no matter what Miami's defense does.

Tampa Bay vs. New Orleans
This is actually the most difficult game for me to pick this week. Tampa Bay has been in every game when you think about it, and they are going with Chris Simms this week. The Saints proved that they won't make the playoffs because they are still inconsistent, after getting killed by the Cardinals last week. Saints do play great some days, so I will go with today being their "on" week.

Buffalo vs. New York Jets
How sweet would it be if the Jets and Patriots were both undefeated when the two teams meet on October 24th? That could be one of the best games of the year in the NFL if that happens. Curtis Martin is continuing his MVP like season. Santana Moss should start getting touchdowns soon. Buffalo played ok against the Patriots part of the game last week, but Drew Bledsoe is not a good enough quarterback for the Bills.

Jacksonville vs. San Diego
Drew Brees really wants to keep his job, but I don't think facing Jacksonville this week will help his case. Byron Leftwich had a good week against the Colts last week, but the key today will be to get Fred Taylor off to a good start. Their defense can get the job done, they just need some more offense.

Carolina vs. Denver
The Panthers fell back down last week after losing to the Falcons. Denver has a very good defense, so the Panthers should be able to muster a lot offensively. The Buccaneers defense is comparable to the Panthers, the Broncos beat the Bucs last week. Denver should win this one by about six.

Arizona vs. San Francisco
Maybe Larry Fitzgerald will finally get his first career touchdown this week. The Cardinals have a good chance to win two in a row against the thrown together 49'ers team. This game could be a blowout, a close one, or an upset. One thing is for sure though. It likely won't matter what happens along the line, because neither team will make the playoffs this season.

That's it for this weeks picks. Here's how I fared last week:

Last Week's Record: 7-7
Season Record: 38-22
Current Survivor Winning Streak: 4 games(Tennessee over Miami in week one, New England over Arizona in week two, Seattle over San Francisco in week three, New England over Buffalo in week four.)

That's a pretty good start for me, having a four game winning streak to start the season for survivor. This week, I'm picking the Indianapolis Colts to defeat the Oakland Raiders. I think Peyton Manning will light it up and get a for sure win. Using Oakland at this point seems good, since they aren't a "lock" to lose games usually.

Here's hoping to another great NFL week.

-Chris Pokorny

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