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- Week IV Predictions: 3-0 to 3-1

Chris Pokorny October 2, 2004
Chris Pokorny
PFC Owner & Writer

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The handoff goes to Fred Taylor and he will walk into the endzone, for a touchdown!
The Texans stop the clock. The snap is back, ball is down, kick is up and it is good from 48 yards!
Were in overtime on "the greatest show on turf". Snap is back, ball is down, kick is up, and he nails it! Good thing it wasn't an extra point try.

Those three situations are the teams that suffered devastating losses last week. This goes more so towards the Rams and the Chiefs because of the teams they were facing. The Titans are included as well, because they usually play well at home and were in position to win this game. The Jaguars seem like the real deal this year, so we can excuse the Titans for that.

The Rams lost on their turf to the Panthers last year, who went on to play in the Super Bowl. Issac Bruce and Torry Holt are still themselves, but Mike Martz is just seeming to lead this team to nothing but trouble. The Chiefs get the nod for the team that really blew it. And the thing is, the Chiefs probably played their best game this year against the Texans. The only play that changed this game in my opinion was the 102-yard touchdown return by Houston. Blame Trent Green if you want, but that type of play rarely happens.

Here are some other interesting tidbits from last week...

-I loved it that the Dolphins and Steelers got to play in those horrible conditions, because it's rare that we get to see it. Give credit to Pittsburgh for playing good on defense and getting the ball to Hines Ward.

-I sort of underestimated the Browns and Giants game last week. Kurt Warner torched the Browns secondary since both of their starting cornerbacks were out for the whole game.

-Peyton Manning only convinced me more than he will lead the Colts to the Super Bowl. Brett Favre did the same for me on the NFC side. (If you forgot, my Super Bowl prediction before the season was the Colts vs. Packers.) We may not see this match-up between these two ever again, unless it takes place in the Super Bowl. You can argue that their defenses played awful, but I look at it more of both offenses being fantastic, more so the Colts.

-Philadelphia dominated the Lions. The good thing for the Lions is, they may have drafted the next Randy Moss.

-Too bad the Redskins didn't have one more timeout.

-Arizona vs. Atlanta a defensive only game? I wouldn't have expected that in a million years. I'm not saying I thought it'd be a "Colts/Packers" shootout, but there was basically no offense (minus Vicks one run) in this game at all.

-Now Baltimore looks like a playoff team. If Boller didn't fumble twice, the score could have gotten out of hand.

-Grossman's out the season. Jonathon Quinn is in. I'll be stunned if they win one game with him.

-Denver and Seattle won, no surprises there...

-Rich Gannon is out, and Kerry Collins is in. I personally would rather have Rich Gannon as my QB, but the Collins pickup likely just saved Oakland's season. And Tampa Bay suddenly scored two touchdowns at the end. Too bad they lost Charlie Garner for the season now...

That's it for last week's tidbits. Now it's time for this weeks predictions. Last week, I had a 9-5 week, which isn't too bad. Let's start out with this weeks games of the week.

Indianapolis vs. Jacksonville
Last week I picked against Jacksonville, and they won. I just can't see the Jaguars defensive and offensive balance to be good enough to beat the Colts. Manning shouldn't thrive like he did against the Packers, but having 17 points should be able to beat the Jaguars, unless they suddenly find their niche on offense.

New England vs. Buffalo
There is no way that this will be an upset game by Buffalo. I don't care how badly Buffalo beat the Patriots last year. Buffalo doesn't match up to New England offensively or defensively. I don't see this as a cakewalk for the Patriots either, but a ten-point lead should be expected.

Atlanta vs. Carolina
This is probably the hardest pick this week. The Falcons are playing so well, but they face a tough Carolina defense now. Delhomme and the Panthers beat Kansas City(who hasn't...) without Steve Smith or Stephan Davis. The key in this game is to get DeShaun Foster going. If Foster gets 100 yards, I think the Panthers will win the game. Carolina is coming of a bye week, so they have been rested much longer than the Falcons as well.

Kansas City vs. Baltimore
Unfortunately for the Chiefs, I see an 0-4 start for them. Baltimore's defense is getting back to its old form, and Kyle Boller looks to have found the Ravens "Marcus Robinson" of last year in Randy Hymes. I don't really know what to say about the Chiefs. If their offense does do well, their defense likely won't.

And now, the rest of the week...

Philadelphia vs. Chicago
If you're a betting man, I'd bet money on this game that the Eagles will kill the Bears. I mainly say that because Grossman is out for the Bears. That may seem a little drastic by just one person being gone, but I don't see Jonathon Quinn having any success against the Eagles. A couple of turnovers, and T.O. and McNabb will have great field position all day long.

Washington vs. Cleveland
For the Browns, Lee Suggs, Steve Heiden, and both of their starting cornerbacks are coming back. The Browns offense found it's niche in the second half against the Giants. The Redskins will probably bring tons of blitz packages at the Browns to try and screw that up, so Garcia has to be quick. Portis needs to hold on to the football though, or the Redskins will have an old Tiki Barber on their hands. Also, the Browns dominated the Ravens at home, and lost two away games. Now they're at home. Maybe I'm just being too much of a fan.

New York Giants vs. Green Bay
Despite the Giants defense playing better the last two weeks, they are not a defensive team. The Packers should be able to do some of what they did against the Colts last week, and the Giants offense will keep the game close. Not enough to win though, as the Packers should win by more than six.

Oakland vs. Houston
The Texans were able to upset the Chiefs last week, but the Raiders look like a serious playoff contender in my opinion. Their offense just needs a little more energy, and they will be right in the hunt with Denver.

Cincinnati vs. Pittsburgh
It's basically rookie QB vs. rookie QB in this game. The Steelers are playing at home, and right now Duce is running the ball much better than Rudi has. Hines Ward is Big Ben's favorite target, while Chad Johnson is Palmers favorite. The Steelers have the better defense, which should get them a win in a good game.

New Orleans vs. Arizona
Everybody is crying for upset this week, with Arizona winning. At the start of the season, I thought the Saints would be the same "look great one week, bad the next" type of team. Well, this is it right here. If they lost, that's the team they are. If they win, they could finally make the playoffs this year. I am going with them winning.

New York Jets vs. Miami
I can almost guarantee that I won't pick Miami this season unless they win one game. The Jets offense is good another to beat the Dolphins defense, and the Jets defense is good enough to stop the Dolphins offense, which everybody has stopped. Teams with QB controversies rarely win also, so flip-flopping Fiedler and Feely won't help.

Tennessee vs. San Diego
This is a big game for the Titans on the road, as Jacksonville and Indianapolis, both divisional foes, have already beaten them. McNair may not be able to go with his injury, but if he can't Volek has proven himself as a reliable backup.

Denver vs. Tampa Bay
What? This is just one of those "gut" feelings. Actually, this is really the first time this season I've gone for an upset. I think the Bucs offense will finally click in this game at the right times, and their defense will cause problems for Qunetin Griffin, causing problems for Jake Plummer.

St. Louis vs. San Francisco
The Rams shouldn't embarrass the 49'ers like Seattle did, but if the Rams don't control this game, Mike Martz should be fired on the spot. He has tons of offensive weapons, and can't get the job done. That should change in this game. Tim Rattay could return for the 49'ers, but what difference does that really make?

Last Week's Record: 9-5
Season Record: 31-15 (I am correct 64.7% of the time)
Current Survivor Winning Streak: 3 games(Tennessee over Miami in week one, New England over Arizona in week two, Seattle over San Francisco in week three.)

And now, for this week's survivor pick. Last week, I chose the 49'ers to lose, and boy did they lose. I can't pick San Francisco, Miami, or Arizona this week because I've already used them. Originally I was going to pick the Chicago Bears. I know they will definitely lose, but then I re-considered. I want to save the Bears for another week, in case there's a week where there are a bunch of tough games. This week I will choose the Buffalo Bills to lose to the New England Patriots. Buffalo can compete later in the season with teams, but not this week, so I choose them.

It should be a great week of football once again. On a side note, I'd like to congratulate Ichiro Suzuki from Major League Baseball, who broke the all time single season hit record Friday night.

-Chris Pokorny

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