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- Week Six Predictions: Unbeaten

Chris Pokorny October 16, 2004
Chris Pokorny
PFC Owner & Writer

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Greetings to everyone. I am back for my week six predictions this week. I don't have a lot of time to review last week, so I'll get on with this weeks predictions right away.

Let's start with this weeks games of the weeks...

Seattle vs. New England
This game should be similar to the Colts game versus New England in week one. The Patriots will hang in though and come away with the win. If anyone will beat New England this season however, the Seahawks will probably be the team that's capable of doing it. In New England's stadium though, the Patriots chances are increased.

Kansas City vs. Jacksonville
And suddenly, the Jaguars go from 3-0 to 3-3. That is what could very well happen at the end of this game. Leftwich does do well against poor defenses, like when he torched the Colts at times. The Chiefs were able to hold off the Ravens before the bye week though. The Ravens and Jaguars are similar teams. The Chiefs off the bye have rested all of their playmakers and should come out fresh with a win.

Denver vs. Oakland
If Kerry Collins couldn't get anything done against the Colts defense, he shouldn't be able to muster a whole lot against the Bronco's. The only thing that could keep the Raiders in this game is the thrill that this is a classic rivalry.

San Diego vs. Atlanta
I can see Mike Vick making a play in this game that will be the difference. Both teams have gotten out to great starts. Drew Brees is showing he wants to keep his job. I don't think he'll do anything to lose this game, but the Falcons defense has been solid this year.

And now, the rest of the week...

Miami vs. Buffalo
I actually thought about this as being a game of the week. Both teams should be eliminated already from playoff contention, but I am curious to see who will finally get a win. Both teams aren't getting blown out usually, so this should be another close one. The Dolphins have the better defense, so I'll go with them for the first time this season.

Washington vs. Chicago
If Joe Gibbs and the Redskins can't get the job done against the Bears, their season is over. They have already experienced a lot of disappointment this year, and a loss to Quinn and the Bears will be devastating. That's why I am picking the Redskins to pull this one out.

Cincinnati vs. Cleveland
I underestimated how good the Steelers were last week. This week though, the Browns should be able to beat the Bengals. The thing that scares me is that at this same point last season roughly, the Bengals beat the Browns and the Browns never recovered. The Bengals run defense was dominated by Lee Suggs last year and by teams this year, so the Browns will win. The Browns are also undefeated at home.

Green Bay vs. Detroit
The logical thing here to do would be to take the hot Detroit Lions over the struggling Packers at the Lions home field. However, I am once again going with the Packers to win, since I will not believe that they could be this bad after last season.

San Francisco vs. New York Jets
Circle the date in a few weeks of the New York Jets versus New England Patriots team, where both teams could be undefeated at the time. Tim Rattay tossed for 417 yards last week, but should fall back to reality against the Jets defense this week. Pennington should have some success as well.

Houston vs. Tennessee
This is a crucial game for the Titans. They are 0-2 in their division right now. If they go 0-3 in the division, a tie at the end of the season won't fall in their favor. After McNair and the Titans Monday Night showing though, how could you go against them? Houston should hang tough and try to play spoiler once again.

Ricky Manning Jr. vs. Terrell Owens
Opps...I meant to put...
Carolina vs. Philadelphia
Carolina has had too many injuries to beat the Eagles like they did in the NFC Championship. The real story here will be Ricky Manning Jr., who had three interceptions in that game, versus Terrell Owens, who wasn't in that NFC Championship game. The Eagles won't need to go to Owens though, and will find other ways to get the win.

Pittsburgh vs. Dallas
No, I'm not picking the Cowboys just because I'm a Browns fan. The Steelers have a great team overall, but I have a feeling the Cowboys will be able to win this game by a small margin. If Pittsburgh wins, they will truly be an AFC force this season.

Minnesota vs. Oakland
The Colts offense and defense can be comparable in terms of quality. The Colts handled Oakland with no problems last week, so the Vikings should be able to do the same. Kerry Collins should have a little better of success, but not nearly enough to hang with Culpepper and Moss.

Tampa Bay vs. St. Louis
Before last week, this game looked like a match-up of a poor 0-5 team versus a 2-2 Rams team that had offensive questions. Now, Tampa Bay is making a last effort to come back, and the Rams offense is suddenly alive again. If the Rams would have lost last week, I may be leaning towards the Bucs in this game. With how Bulger played in the 4th quarter and overtime though, I have to take the Rams.

Last Week's Record: 6-8
Season Record: 44-30
Current Survivor Winning Streak: 5 games(Tennessee over Miami in week one, New England over Arizona in week two, Seattle over San Francisco in week three, New England over Buffalo in week four, Indianapolis over Oakland in week five.)

I was upset at my record last week, but I think I'll bounce back this week. On a positive note, I have won 5 straight survivor predictions. It gets tougher this week though. I will take the Philadelphia Eagles to beat the Carolina Panthers though. Once again I am taking a team with injuries to lose.

That's it for this week. Let's hope it's another fun week of football!

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