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A.J. Hawk Scouting Profile
Posted by Chris Pokorny on 3/31/06

A.J. Hawk
College: Ohio State
Position: OLB
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 248 lbs.

Player Information: A.J. Hawk attended Ohio State University and is considered the best linebacker and defensive player in the draft. He was the staple for OSU's defense throughout his college career, making a name for himself as a player who is always on top of the football. He could have entered the draft last year and gone in the first round, but now he'll be drafted even higher after another outstanding season.

When you're a linebacker that's gifted with tremendous physical ability, you will do well in the NFL. However, it's rare that you have a linebacker with that ability plus the natural instincts to attack the football. On almost every single play, it would seem like Hawk would be involved. When a running back gets to the football, he is able to chase him down behind the line of scrimmage numerous times in a game. He knows how to tackle, and he takes down players hard. The only negative to Hawk's aggresive nature is that he will sometimes overrun the ball carrier once they make a quick change of direction. Although this could be a problem in the NFL, it is something that can be worked on through his intelligence and willingness to give it his all on every single play.

Hawk is the best linebacker in the draft and will be the first defensive player taken. He could go as high as the fifth pick in the draft.
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