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Bobby Carpenter Scouting Profile
Posted by Chris Pokorny on 4/15/06

Bobby Carpenter
College: Ohio State
Position: OLB
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 256 lbs.

Player Information: Bobby Carpenter isn't the best linebacker from Ohio State in this year's draft, but he's still a very talented player. Carpenter has spent the past few years with A.J. Hawk at Ohio State, forming possibly the best linebacking group in the country. He had a great college career, and despite missing part of last year with a broken ankle, still finished the year with 49 tackles and eight sacks.

Carpenter has the size and athleticism needed to be a linebacker in the league. Like Hawk, he knows how to find the football with ease and never gives up on a play. The energy level that he brings to the field is the passion the coaches love to see. He is very strong and can shed off blockers to get to the ball carrier. His game does not involve pounding someone for a tackle, but rather finding them and making sure he wraps them up enough to bring them down or allow others to come over and help him. He had a career high eight sacks last year, showing that he can get to the quarterback on a consistent basis. Line most linebackers in college, he is overaggressive at times and overpursues the ball carrier.

There aren't many flaws with Carpenter. However, when compared to his fellow teammate Hawk on an overall talent basis, Hawk has the clear advantage. Carpenter will be selected in the latter part of the first round, but will be a nice addition to whichever team selects him.
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