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-2007 NFL Mock Draft - Round 1
By Chris Pokorny, PFCritics Writer
April 26, 2007
The 2007 NFL Draft will take place from April 28th to April 29th. On the first day of the draft, teams will try to find impact players during rounds 1-3. On the second day of the draft, teams will try to find potential "steals" that are still available, as rounds 4-7 cap off the draft. It's always fun to predict what will happen during the first round of the draft, and that's exactly what I have done here at PFCritics.com.

This year's draft order could change dramatically this Saturday, depending on what the Detroit Lions decide to do. Many teams want wide receiver Calvin Johnson, and it wouldn't be a burden for the Lions to accept an enticing deal. However, I often feel that it's better to fill out mock drafts as the order stands, without considering trades that may occur.

If you want more information on a player, click on their name to see their scouting profile. If you'd like to see last year's mock draft, click here. If you have any love or hate for my picks, leave a message in the form at the bottom of the page. Your comments will be featured in my next mailbag session here at PFCritics.com. Without further adieu, here is my official 2007 NFL Mock Draft for the first round (and be sure to bookmark our site):

2007 PFCritics.com Mock Draft - Round 1
Oakland Raiders - JaMarcus Russell, QB - LSU
1 - Last year, for several months, it was a definite "lock" that the Houston Texans would select Reggie Bush with the first pick. Right before the draft, their interest in Mario Williams perked up, and they chose him instead. This year, the Raiders have been pegged by everyone to select JaMarcus Russell, until the past week or so. Now, rumors of them selecting receiver Calvin Johnson instead have begun circulating, and have even taken effect on others' mock drafts. In the end, The Raiders need to look at what Vince Young did with the Tennessee Titans last year. Young didn't need top-notch receivers - he made plays on his own. Calvin Johnson wouldn't be a bad pick, but if they select him, who would they plan on having ready to throw to him?
Detroit Lions - Calvin Johnson, WR - Georgia Tech
2 - Several months ago, I thought that Brady Quinn would be a solid fit for the Lions. As time passed though, I figured: why remove Jon Kitna from the position, after he really did end up playing very well last season, considering the amount of times he was sacked. Taking Joe Thomas with this pick will be very tempting, but the addition of George Foster in the offseason gives them a more serviceable tackle than last year. Many people may complain that this would be the fourth receiver Matt Millen has taken, but two of those receivers aren't a factor anymore, and Johnson could deliver more explosiveness than even Roy Williams does. This is a very difficult pick, since I have a feeling the Lions will trade down and select Gaines Adams instead. Since I'm not doing this mock draft with trades involved, the Lions will grab "the best player in the draft" with the second pick (ironically, the Saints got the "best player" at No. 2 last year as well).
Cleveland Browns - Joe Thomas, OT - Wisconsin
3 - The Browns will be looking for an offensive player this year, and the debate will be whether that man is a quarterback (Brady Quinn), a running back (Adrian Peterson), or an offensive lineman (Joe Thomas). In terms of a quarterback, I don't think the Browns are interested in developing yet another thrower, unless they have a supporting cast first. Peterson would be ideal for Cleveland if Jamal Lewis doesn't hold up, but at this point, only time will tell in regards to Lewis' ability. Lewis won't be finding much room to run if the Browns don't improve their offensive line though. The Browns' biggest upgrade in the offseason came with the signing of Eric Steinbach, but one superior lineman can't fix the amount of times defenses penetrate into the backfield. At this point, Thomas and Steinbach combined would dramatically improve the team's ability to pass protect and run the football.
Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Gaines Adams, DE - Clemson
4 - As I mentioned above, don't be surprised if the order of this pick and the Lions pick get swapped, in terms of selections. If things stand as they do above though, the Buccaneers would have to feel very disappointed, missing out on the two offensive prospects that they covet the most. With the complete lack of playmakers that Tampa Bay had offensively last year, the next player they could take offensively without "reaching" is Adrian Peterson, and they already have a running back. Luckily for the Buccaneers, they do have a little problem that they can solve defensively here by drafting Gaines Adams. Simeon Rice is aging on the defensive line, and Adams would be a tremendous force for a Buccaneers team that would also like to re-establish their intimidating presence on defense. After all, that's how Gruden won a Super Bowl, isn't it?
Arizona Cardinals - Levi Brown, OT - Penn State
5 - Like the Buccaneers, the Cardinals will be disappointed if the above scenario unfolds as well, because they are praying that Joe Thomas falls right into their lap. If he doesn't, they would also enjoy having offensive tackle Levi Brown, but choosing him at this point might be a tad too high, and this is a spot where it would be difficult for the Cardinals to trade down. Although their offense was fairly productive last season, everyone knows that the Cardinals have had difficulty running the football now for several years. That fact alone may force the Cardinals to bypass a "value" defensive pick here (Jamaal Anderson, Alan Branch, etc.) and instead simply fill the biggest need on their team with Brown. After all, it wouldn't be like they were getting a second-rate player by any means.
Washington Redskins - Amobi Okoye, DT - Louisville
6 - Barring a miracle, I would say that all signs are pointing to the Washington Redskins selecting a defensive lineman in the first round, regardless of what happens. They'll have several people to choose from, and with Adams off the board, Okoye, Jamaal Anderson, Alan Branch, or even Adam Carriker (if they trade down) would each be under consideration at No. 6. Washington would love to trade this pick for Lance Briggs, but assuming they stay put, Okoye has a chance to really shine for many years to come. His age makes him almost Lebron-esque in terms of entering the league but already having the goods.
Minnesota Vikings - LaRon Landry, S - LSU
7 - The Minnesota Vikings will be licking their chops if quarterback Brady Quinn is available here, but that would basically mean that last year's selection of quarterback Tarvaris Jackson would result in a net loss. Passing on that opportunity, the Vikings desperately need help in their secondary after having countless problems in the unit last season. Of all the defensive backs in this year's draft, Landry is the only one that is basically a "lock" to make an impact immediately.
Atlanta Falcons - Jamaal Anderson, DE - Arkansas
8 - With their priority safety taken off the board by the Minnesota Vikings with the previous pick, the Atlanta Falcons will opt to go with a top defensive end to replace some of the team's losses in the offseason. The Falcons lost Patrick Kerney in the offseason, and John Abraham has not been able to stay very healthy since coming over from the New York Jets. Anderson has fallen in some drafts, but with someone like Alan Branch falling even further, Anderson still has a lot of potential to help the Falcons.
Miami Dolphins - Brady Quinn, QB - Notre Dame
9 - Whether they acquire veteran quarterback Trent Green or not, the Miami Dolphins would never be able to pass on an opportunity to select perhaps the most polished quarterback in this year's draft. The Dolphins are aging defensively, but Quinn is the type of leader that can bring Miami out of their years of low-powered offenses. This would also be a similar situation to last year, when Matt Leinart was originally considered the "top quarterback" in the draft, but ended up falling all the way down to the Arizona Cardinals on draft day.
Houston Texans - Adrian Peterson, RB - Oklahoma
10 - It's doubtful that both Peterson and Levi Brown would be available when the Texans select, so it's difficult to decide who they would favor. However, since Brown is already off the board in my mock draft, the Texans cannot pass on Peterson. Although the Texans went out and signed running back Ahman Green in the offseason, this is a situation where the Texans could implement a variation of the New Orleans' Saints dual running back system of a year ago. Green has had some health issues in his career and Peterson would be a rookie, so giving each player only a portion of the carries could benefit both of them in the long run.
San Francisco 49ers - Adam Carriker, DE - Nebraska
11 - After making perhaps the largest splash on the free agency market (Nate Clements, Michael Lewis, Tully Banta-Cain) defensively, the 49ers' next step is to continue working on their defense, this time the defensive line. Bryant Young is aging quickly for the 49ers, and the unit averaged less than a sack per game last season. Adam Carriker is a perfect fit for the 49ers, because he has the ability to work well in either a 3-4 or a 4-3 scheme, depending on what the team decides to install.
Buffalo Bills - Patrick Willis, LB - Mississippi
12 - Unlike the 49ers, The Buffalo Bills took a gigantic loss on the defensive side of the ball, losing Nate Clements, London Fletcher, and Takeo Spikes. With Patrick Willis being the highest-coveted linebacker in this year's draft, it is a virtual lock that the Bills will select him. And, unless a team trades up to get him, it's also a lock that he will be available when the Bills have this pick. Willis would have the skills to step right in and start at middle linebacker in an attempt to recover from the team's losses in the offseason.
St. Louis Rams - Alan Branch, DT - Michigan
13 - The Rams are desperately in need of help defensively against the run, and seeing Alan Branch fall this far would not be an immediate disappointment for them. With three defensive lineman off the board already, the Rams could very well be getting a bargain, as Branch was originally considered the top defensive lineman several months ago.
Carolina Panthers - Reggie Nelson, S - Florida
14 - After the Carolina Panthers seemed to be a team on the rise last year, they seemed to falter on both sides of the ball at times. On offense, they couldn't convert on third downs, which makes the selection of tight end Greg Olsen very tempting here. However, the energy on defense wasn't the same as it had been in the past, partially due to injuries. With veteran safety Mike Minter getting older, Reggie Nelson would add a lot of energy to the secondary using his blazing speed.
Pittsburgh Steelers - Darrelle Revis, CB - Pittsburgh
15 - Although some people may have cornerback Leon Hall a tad higher on their draft boards, it'll be tough for the Steelers to pass up on Darrelle Revis, a local kid. Fans of the Steelers are already acclimated with his play, and the team has been in need of a dominating cornerback for several years now. Safety Troy Polamalu has brought energy to the secondary, but one player can't do it alone, as was seen when Ike Taylor was benched for awhile last season.
Green Bay Packers - Marshawn Lynch, RB - California
16 - With the Packers on the verge of a possible playoff run this year with Brett Favre returning, the team will be looking for an offensive playmaker at this pick. Some would say that the Packers need another target as a wide receiver, but Donald Driver and Greg Jennings are suitable for those roles still, and more receivers will be available in round two. After losing starting running back Ahman Green in the offseason, it is clear that the Packers need to select the best available running back here. It's unfortunate they couldn't retain Green, because if they did, having Greg Olsen here would be very nice.
Jacksonville Jaguars - Jarvis Moss, DE - Florida
17 - Although the Jaguars lost safety Deon Grant in the offseason and Donovan Darius has been hindered by injuries the past two years, it may be a reach to go with Michael Griffin at this point. If Reggie Nelson falls down to this point though, the Jaguars would be hard-pressed to take him. Disregarding safety now, Jarvis Moss would provide the Jaguars with the pass rusher they are in dire need of, and can add a new dimension to the team's defense.
Cincinnati Bengals - Leon Hall, CB - Michigan
18 - After suffering so many losses last season, whether it be due to suspension or to injury, the Bengals are looking to improve a defense that couldn't stop anyone last season, except for an unusual three week run. With Tory James already gone and Deltha O'Neal's production slipping, Hall would be a fitting complement to Johnathan Joseph. With linebackers David Pollack and Odell Thurman having their status up-in-the-air, a linebacker will be the Bengals' alternative choice is they aren't interested in the field of defensive backs available here.
Tennessee Titans - Ted Ginn Jr., WR - Ohio State
19 - Although the suspension of cornerback "Pacman" Jones was certainly deserving, it has to be very painful for the Titans to lose perhaps their best defensive player after the type of season they are coming off of. That fact will increase the team's priority to find another cornerback in the draft, but that can still be done in round two. Ginn, as a receiver, can actually replace part of what Jones did with returning kicks and punts. And, if teams already had trouble chasing down Vince Young, imagine the trouble they'll have covering Ginn's speed down the field while Young rolls out of the pocket.
New York Giants - Paul Posluszny, LB - Penn State
20 - The Giants were a laughable organization last season, and with several people leaving in the offseason, the Giants need to draft wisely. Posluszny, a linebacker well-equipped with instincts, would be a solid start to fill in for a unit that lost LaVar Arrington, Brandon Short, and Carlos Emmons. If not a linebacker, then the Giants could also have their eyes set on left tackle Joe Staley. Although Staley may not be a value pick here, the Giants would be willing to negate that to fulfill their need for a tackle.
Denver Broncos - Robert Meachem, WR - Tennessee
21 - Denver is one of the few teams that are considering several positions with this pick, as they could easily go with a receiver, an offensive lineman, a linebacker, or a defensive lineman. I went with Meachem here to add another weapon for Jay Cutler next season, despite the fact that he already has Javon Walker and Brandon Marshall. Eventually, I believe the Broncos' system would work out very well if Meachem was the team's second receiver, so that Marshall could continue to make plays from the slot. With all the hype surrounding receiver Calvin Johnson this year, it could be Meachem that holds the best rookie stats at the end of the season.
Dallas Cowboys - Dwayne Bowe, WR - LSU
22 - Tony Romo showed tremendous potential last year, but the Cowboys need a backup plan at the wide receiver position. Terry Glenn is getting older, and you never quite know what type of controversy Terrell Owens will bring to the table again. If the Broncos hadn't picked Meachem with the previous pick, there's a good chance that Dallas would've taken him instead. Either way, the Cowboys should be leaning towards a receiver in round one.
Kansas City Chiefs - Joe Staley, OT - Central Michigan
23 - If Ted Ginn Jr., Robert Meachem, and Dwayne Bowe are all off the board already, it'll be a disappointment for the Kansas City Chiefs, who need to address the lackluster receiving position they've had for several years now. However, the Chiefs are also a team that can run the football very well, as long as they maintain their offensive line. Drafting Staley would provide them with an immediate starting left tackle to replace the departed Willie Roaf.
New England Patriots - Aaron Ross, CB - Texas
24 - If the right opportunity arises, I wouldn't be the least bit surprised to see the Patriots trade away one of their first round picks to obtain some additional picks later on. Assuming they stay put though, Aaron Ross is a near lock to be taken by Belichick and company. Drafting Ross would also provide a backup plan in case things go sour with Pro Bowl corner Asante Samuel, and give the team a young cornerback to mold the secondary in the future.
New York Jets - Greg Olsen, TE - Miami
25 - Tight ends from Miami sure seem popular these days, don't they? Olsen is the player that will be on several team's boards if other players don't happen to fall to the spot they are picking at. Olsen is the highest-rated tight end this season, showing suitable speed. He would certainly be an upgrade in terms of receiving over Chris Baker, and would add to Chad Pennington's strategical method of moving the ball down the field.
Philadelphia Eagles - Chris Houston, CB - Arkansas
26 - Defense is the key for the Philadelphia Eagles here, who could draft at any position on that side of the ball. In the end, it may simply come down to whose name was highest on the team's list of favorable defensive players, rather than a specific position. With that said, Houston is also the last of the top-tier cornerbacks available in the draft, shutting down numerous top-tier receivers that are entering this year's draft. Houston would likely start off as a nickelback, but as the Eagles know from last season, having depth can go a long way come playoff time.
New Orleans Saints - Dwayne Jarrett, WR - USC
27 - After losing wide receiver Joe Horn in the offseason, the New Orleans Saints would still favor a cornerback here if one of the above corners were still available. Since that's not the case, most receivers would fit well in the Saints' system, as was seen last year through the success of guys like Drew Brees and Marques Colston. It may be ironic that the Saints would have a better seventh-round receiver on their roster than Jarrett, but he can still complement the team's offense nicely.
New England Patriots - Lawrence Timmons, LB - Florida State
28 - Although I'd prefer it if the Patriots selected a guard with their second first-round pick, selecting a linebacker makes perfect sense at this point. This year's linebacker class isn't as strong as last years, but Timmons is a guy that could very well have been selected around ten picks earlier. Although the Patriots signed Adalius Thomas in the offseason, guys like Tedy Bruschi, Mike Vrabel, and Larry Izzo are nearing the end of their careers, and this would be a perfect opportunity to slowly ease a youngster into one of their roles.
Baltimore Ravens - Justin Blalock, T/G - Texas
29 - Although he can play either guard or tackle on the offensive line, Blalock is the guy that the Ravens should have their sights set on. The Ravens' offensive line has gone downhill the past several years, as even a guy like Jonathan Ogden hasn't been his same old self. Adding Willis McGahee basically sent a message that the Ravens were ready to improve their line, whether it be via Blalock, Ben Grubbs, Tony Ugoh, or another lineman.
San Diego Chargers - Steve Smith, WR - USC
30 - After seeing all of the first-round quality receivers be selected already, the Chargers will have to "settle" for one that likely is valued as a low second-rounder: Steve Smith. Besides the fact that he'll immediately add confusion to the NFL due to his name, Smith could potentially add the spark that the Chargers' wide receivers lacked last season, with the exception of Vincent Jackson. The Chargers had a high-powered offense, but finding receivers in the red zone was often an issue (granted, they went to LaDainian Tomlinson all the time).
Chicago Bears - Joe Beason, LB - Miami
31 - Depending on where you rank your players, the Chicago Bears will be getting a solid value pick here if Beason is still available. This move would make even greater sense if the Bears actually do move through with the idea of trading Lance Briggs to another team. Even if Briggs is not traded away, the Bears would have a difficult time keeping him around beyond this season, and Beason would provide the same type of "insurance" that I've mentioned with so many of last year's playoff teams already.
Indianapolis Colts - Justin Harrell, DT - Tennessee
32 - The Indianapolis Colts won the Super Bowl last season, after suddenly appearing to have a "magical" defensive awakening in the postseason. However, the fact still remains that the Colts' run defense was atrocious during the regular season last year, and they lost a lot of their starters. Harrell's value has dropped a little, but he would be a solid fit to start re-building the Colts' run defense.

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