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NFL Training Camp Power Rankings
Chris Pokorny July 23, 2007
Chris Pokorny
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Training camp begins this week for many teams around the NFL, meaning it's time to continue our training camp coverage with our first power rankings of the season. As you'll see on our training camp content schedule, we will have an updated version of these rankings just before the start of the season.

Many things happened in the offseason, most of it negative, which affected the rankings of several teams. Instead of the Tennessee Titans being ranked in the top twelve, they're somewhat lower. And, instead of the Atlanta Falcons being in the middle of the pack, they've dropped into no man's land. Still, the powerhouses from last season remain near the top of the list, looking to prevent any teams from becoming this year's New Orleans Saints. These rankings were made on July 23rd, 2007, right before the start of training camp. These rankings take into consideration team momentum from last season, offseason signings and losses, additions from the last, and the stupidity that some players are labeled with.

RankTeam Comment
1 - The depth on the Chargers is tremendous all around. Even at running back, they've once again managed to keep Michael Turner on the roster, just in case anything happens to LaDainian Tomlinson. The only position that was potentially weak last year was at wide receiver, but Vincent Jackson flourished and the team hopes that rookie Craig Davis can make a contribution by the end of the year.
2 - The Colts had problems defensively last season until the playoffs, where Bob Sanders brought things together once again. I'd like to say that Sanders' presence will carry over to this season, but after losing Nick Harper, Cato June, Jason David, Mike Doss, and Montae Reagor, the Colts' defense isn't too promising at this point. Fortunately, Peyton Manning will still have the offense in compensating form, especially with the addition of Anthony Gonzalez.
3 - The Saints made a splash in the NFC last season, and this year they're ready to take control of it. Reggie Bush will be entering his second season, looking to make more of a contribution as a fundamentally sound running back while still incorporating all of the flashiness that made him such a hot commodity in last year's draft class. Veteran receiver Joe Horn
4 - For years now, I have bragged about Tom Brady's ability to get tremendous production from receivers that really weren't too prolific. This year, Brady will have Donte Stallworth and Randy Moss. On the defensive side of the ball, Adalius Thomas will look to energize the defense just like he did in Baltimore. Those three additions alone will make things difficult for the Patriots to lose their streak of AFC East victories.
5 - For the Bears, I still believe that Rex Grossman is a liability to this team's chances of winning. The defense somehow carried this team to 13 wins last season, and if they want to accomplish that again, they may need to work even harder. Grossman does have an additional rookie tight end as a rookie this year, but the team's playmaker from a year ago, Thomas Jones, is no longer available. Can Cedric Benson pick up the slack in the starting role he's been waiting for?
6 - The Ravens will miss Adalius Thomas, but if there's one thing the Ravens can do, it's playing intimidating defense on a weekly basis, regardless of who is out there. On the offensive side, the team finally let go of Jamal Lewis, and replaced him with Willis McGahee. McGahee did well in Buffalo, but now he has an opportunity to re-establish the Ravens as a solid running team.
7 - Despite the tragic loss of Darrent Williams last year, the Broncos are ready to put together a football season ago. Dre Bly makes for a tremendous addition to compliment Champ Bailey, and defensive lineman Jarvis Moss is step one towards replacing the failed attempt at a "Browns line" from last season. Offensively, the running back mess from a year ago should be put to rest, as Travis Henry is ready to continue the revitalization of his career.
8 - It really is a shame that if Donovan McNabb gets injured again this year, his career with the Eagles may be over. One disappoint note is the fact that the team could not retain Donte Stallworth, a man that McNabb had chemistry with last year. Barring injuries, Philadelphia is a fundamentally sound team under Andy Reid and have a grasp on the NFC East.
9 - Once again, Dallas' season will be in the fate of the hands of their quarterback - Tony Romo. As soon as Romo replaced Drew Bledsoe last year, everyone was excited to see him play. Then, as the season continued on, Romo's hot streak began to fade, eventually closing with his muffed hold of a snap on a field goal attempt in the postseason. Without Bill Parcells coaching Terrell Owens this year, will Dallas make the same impact they did at times last season?l
10 - The Jets were booked as the worst team in football prior to last season, but Eric Mangini willed his club into the postseason, even giving the Patriots a scare for awhile. The Jets may not have made any earth-shattering moves in the offseason, but they did what was necessary to improve on the little things that wins football games. Thomas Jones solidifies the running back situation, while rookie Darrelle Revis will be counted on to guard the Patriots' receivers.
11 - The Seahawks are playing in a division that could really be a mess this year, due to the fact that every single team could be in contention until the final week of the season. The Seahawks are still the favorites though after some upgrades on defense, as long as Matt Hasselbeck and Shaun Alexander can stay healthy.
12 - In order for the Rams to be better this year, their run defense must improve dramatically. I'm not sure if Adam Carriker can be the difference, but he's definitely a step in the right direction.
13 - A year removed from surgery, Carson Palmer and the Bengals' offense should be ready to put up numbers against any defense they go up against. Unfortunately, their defense may very well be worst than the Colts. The difference is, they won't be able to compensate as well as the Colts can.
14 - It's amazing how much talent this team as able to acquire in the offseason, between free agents Nate Clements, Tully Banta-Cain, Darrell Jackson, and rookies Patrick Willis and Joe Staley. All five of those men are better than average starters in the NFL, or are at least bound to be. Mike Nolan obviously knows what he's doing in the NFL, something you can't say about many coaches.
15 - After the Packers lost Ahman Green in the offseason and were not able to add someone like Randy Moss, it would seem illogical that the Packers would contend. However, the Packers have made a commitment to improving defensively, while the offense showed potential at the end of last season. Look for Brett Favre to be pleased with how often he gets an opportunity at driving this team due to the defense's ability to stop opposing teams.
16 - Byron Leftwich, David Garrard, or Daunte Culpepper? Jack Del Rio can't seem to include quarterbacks in his competition that can throw the ball accurately on a regular basis, and that's always going to remain a problem. The Jaguars' biggest addition offensively is former Browns receiver Dennis Northcutt. Northcutt is a good option at receiver, but I don't seem him turning the entire receiving group around himself.
17 - After Steve Smith's amazing season two years ago, it seemed like Keyshawn Johnson made no difference for Jake Delhomme last season. I've always been a Delhomme fan, but if he can't improve the productivity on offense with a weapon like Smith, his job in Carolina will be in jeopardy.
18 - Granted, I do not condone the actions of Pacman Jones whatsoever. With that said, if Jones were still available to the Titans, I probably would've ranked this unit several spaces higher. Jones set the tone defensively last year as much as Vince Young set it offensively, and that makes his absence significant.
19 - How many times has everyone stated that the Cardinals are a sleeper team, only to see them finish as the doormat in the NFC West once again? Levi Brown will try to anchor the offensive line, as much as the team may have wanted Joe Thomas instead. Matt Leinart has a year under his belt already and should capitalize on the amount of weapons available to him.
20 - It'd be nice to say that the Bills could take a step forward this season, but they've lost two of their biggest contributors in Nate Clements and Willis McGahee. It'll likely take awhile for Marshawn Lynch to make an impact in a tough division too, especially behind an offensive line that's not overly impressive.
21 - Am I really supposed to believe that the subtraction of Pro Bowl running back Tiki Barber, combined with an offseason to cool off, will be the only thing the Giants needed to play well under Tom Coughlin again? I highly doubt it, and it'll be a shame if this team is in shambles by the time they play Miami overseas.
22 - Ben Roethlisberger may have only needed some time to recover from injury last year, but the decisions that he's made in certain games are mental, not physical. I think there will be a significant time of adjustment needed for Pittsburgh under head coach Mike Tomlin, something that Steelers fans will not be pleased with.
23 - Calvin Johnson would have been a better pickup for the Buccaneers than Gaines Adams, as they desperately needed an offensive playmaker. Quarterback Jeff Garcia should be perfect for Gruden's system though, and will at least add an offensive presence of some sort on a weekly basis.
24 - The Chiefs made the postseason last year, but once again, they're playing in a tough division without receivers to make them a complete threat offensively. Does anyone besides Chiefs fans believe that Brodie Croyle will actually make that much of a difference in his first season as a starter? Every quarterback needs time to adjust to the NFL, and that'll create some frustrating moments for guys like Larry Johnson.
25 - The Redskins made the right move by getting Jason Campbell some valuable starts last year. Joe Gibbs will be pleased with the two additions of LaRon Landry and London-Fletcher, both of whom can form the identity of the defense.
26 - Trent Green will be better at quarterback than Joey Harrington and Daunte Culpepper were, but how much can he really do behind a porous offensive line? Ted Ginn Jr. is supposed to be the "X-factor", which could be exciting if it actually works.
27 - I've seen many people peg the Browns as the worst team in football. Let me get this straight: After adding Jamal Lewis, Eric Steinbach, Joe Thomas, and Eric Wright, the Browns will actually be worse this year? Let me add to the mix: Gary Baxter and LeCharles Bentley will probably be back with the club early on in the season. Besides the 49ers, the Browns made one of the biggest splashes in the offseason. Brady Quinn won't see serious playing time until 2008.
28 - The Detroit Lions are the wildcard in football this year after the addition of Calvin Johnson. I really like the fact that Jon Kitna is still the team's starting quarterback, but I refuse to rank the Lions higher until they actually go through a season and live up to their hype.
29 - Adrian Peterson and Chester Taylor will keep the Vikings in football games, but I just don't see Tarvaris Jackson as a quality NFL starter. Granted, I really haven't given the guy a chance, but that's where I stand with him at this point.
30 - The last team a franchise made an overhaul at quarterback and running back, they made the NFC Championship (the Saints). Can Matt Schuab and Ahman Green erase years of misery for Texans fans? Not this year, because Schuab is basically entering his first year at quarterback.
31 - If the Raiders start off the season with Josh McCown at quarterback, it'll do nothing but annoy fans around the league. JaMarcus Russell needs to be inserted into the offense as soon as possible. Unfortunately, his weapons are limited on offense, which should be a mess again this year. The defense, on the other hand, will actually give Russell the opportunity to pull some Vince Youngs.
32 - Goodbye Michael Vick, and enter Joey Harrington. The Falcons season may be over before it started.

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