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Week 10 Power Rankings: Patriots Crowned
Chris Pokorny November 11, 2007
Chris Pokorny
PFC Owner & Writer

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In our Week 10 Power Rankings, the New England Patriots finally did it: they moved up to the No. 1 spot. After I've received criticism all season from people telling me the Patriot should be ahead of the Colts, I was finally forced to make the decision after the Super Bowl Champions fell last Sunday 24-20.

Top Riser: Minnesota Vikings (No. 25 to No. 17)
Top Faller: San Diego Chargers (No. 11 to No. 7), Philadelphia Eagles (No. 16 to No. 20) and Arizona Cardinals (No. 18 to No. 22)

Week 10 Power Rankings
Rank Last Wk. +/-Team Comment
1 2 +1 - I made the New England Patriots wait ten weeks into the season before I moved them past the Colts. I said they had to beat the champs for me to officially make the move, and that's exactly what they did.
2 1 -1 - The loss to the Patriots was monumental in terms of home-field in the playoffs. Still, the Colts played them better than any other team this season, and thing may have gone differently with a healthy Marvin Harrison available.
3 3 - - Terrell Owens can brag all he wants when he goes back to Philadelphia if his team keeps winning. The Cowboys are undefeated in division games thus far, but their toughest test comes in a Week 1 re-match this week versus the Giants.
4 4 - - As the Giants look to capture a tie for the division lead, all eyes should be on the defense. After struggling in the first two games, particularly the first one, the defense has been lights out.
5 5 - - Why aren't the Packers receiving more press? They've only lost one game, and if the Giants beat the Cowboys this week, the Packers will be the No. 1 seed in the NFC.
6 6 - - The Ravens' secondary was depleted, but Ben Roethlisberger made a statement by throwing five touchdowns in one half against them.
7 8 +1 - Another poor day from Vince Young, and another Titans win chalked up on the board. If Vince Young wasn't Vince Young, teams would be calling for the backup to get some playing time.
8 11 +3
- Jon Kitna was right, and the league is actually starting to get used to calling the Lions a "winning football team".
9 12 +3
- After winning their third straight game, Derek Anderson will have his toughest test this weekend: the Steelers on the road with the division lead on the line.
10 10 - - Jeff Garcia will have to continue being a game-manager for the Bucs to maintain their division lead over the red-hot New Orleans Saints.
11 7 -4
- There's no excuse for the Chargers' pathetic loss to the Vikings. However, you simply cannot discount the fact that they had dominated teams for several weeks prior to that game, and still remain the frontrunner for winning the AFC West.
12 9 -3
- Quinn Gray's record: 1-1. That is more than what the Jaguars could have hoped for with David Garrard being out for two weeks. Serviceable enough to keep the team in contention.
13 13 - - With Larry Johnson on the shelf, it looks as if Priest Holmes' efforts of returning to the league will pay off after all, quicker than expected.
14 14 - - The Redskins gutted out a win against the Jets, erasing the sour taste left in their mouths from the Patriots the week before.
15 19 +4
- There wasn't a doubt in my mind that after starting 0-4 that Drew Brees' experience couldn't lead this team back into contention.
16 15 -1 - Who doesn't love to see Mike Holmgren blow up on the sidelines after he makes poor decisions in tight spots?
17 20 +3
- The Bills are once again in their yearly "hot" stretch where they flirt with contending. If they get above .500 this week, then it will be new territory for a team always falling just short.
18 25 +7
- Adrian Peterson: That's what this season is all about for the Vikings. Even without the playoffs in reach, Peterson will draw fans to the stadium for the rest of his career.
19 17 -2 - Any chance Jake Delhomme can leap off the injured reserve list? It's so depressing to see this team play without Delhomme, who would likely be capable of having them atop the division.
20 16 -4
- Forget the Bears: the Eagles are one of the most inconsistent teams this season. Andy Reid's personal situation shouldn't have anything to do with it: more of the blame should go on Donovan McNabb.
21 23 +2 - What a boost it would be for the Texans to get Andre Johnson back.
22 18 -4
- The Cardinals' offense had died down considerable over the past few weeks because they are getting off to slow starts. Something needs to spark them before they are forced to play catch up.
23 24 +1 - The Bears have a long, long way to go before they can even think of the playoffs. How about starting with a change at the running back position?
24 21 -3
- We saw a season like this from the Ravens a few years ago: a poor offense and an injury-riddled defense won't get them anywhere.
25 22 -3
- The Broncos are playing horrible. The Broncos are a game out of the division lead.
26 26 - - Scary moment for Chad Johnson this past Sunday, but in terms of football, he's just not playing like the Johnson of past years. Too many drops and a lack of apparent motivation are showing up weekly, but T.J. Houshmandzadeh is a monster.
27 29 +2 - Even with a win last week, it's hard to get excited about the Atlanta Falcons. You hate to say "bring Vick back", but they certainly should still regret trading Matt Schaub away.
28 27 -1 - Bring on JaMarcus Russell. Why the Raiders feel he needs to learn anything more than he's learned before playing would be beyond me.
29 28 -1 - As many defensive improvements as the 49ers made, a horrible offense has not only created scoring problems, but forced the defense to not have the freedom they should be having to be at their peak.
30 30 - - Kellen Clemons first start wasn't too bad: after all, he actually had the Jets playing competitive.
31 31 - - Marc Bulger and Tony Romo have played contrastingly different since their new contracts.
32 32 - - The race to 0-16 is at the halfway mark.

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