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Week 11 Power Rankings: Colts Tanking
Chris Pokorny November 15, 2007
Chris Pokorny
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In our Week 11 Power Rankings, a new trend is beginning to form for the Indianapolis Colts, who were in first place in our rankings from Week 2 to Week 9. After dropping to No. 2 last week following their loss to the New England Patriots, they dropped below the top two team's the NFC has to offer this week after another loss and learning of Dwight Freeney's season-ending injury.

Top Riser: Several teams tied for moving up three spots (too many to list).
Top Faller: Carolina Panthers (No. 19 to No. 25).

Week 11 Power Rankings
Rank Last Wk. +/- Team Comment
1 1 - - I've heard it stated on television a few times already by analysts, and it's appropriate to bring up again: the Patriots even won on their bye week. By the Colts losing two games in a row, that means that in the home-field advantage column, the Patriots actually have a massive three-game lead over the Colts. They aren't clinched just yet though: the Steelers, whom they face on December 9th, are only two games back with their 7-2 record.
2 3 +1 - The Cowboys are pretty much a shoe-in for their division after sweeping the Giants this season, however they aren't finished yet. Although the Redskins have been inconsistent, they still have two games remaining against them, including one this week. Again, while unlikely, the only concern left for Dallas in their division is if Washington were to upset them twice. Beyond that, it's all about trying to hold the Packers back now.
3 5 +2 - It's time to stop questioning whether or not the Lions or Bears will challenge the Packers for the NFC North title. The focus should be on staying pace with, and eventually surpassing the Cowboys. With Ryan Grant appearing to be a suitable running back, a weakness no longer exists for Favre's team.
4 2 -2 - When healthy, the Indianapolis Colts are still my No. 2 team. However, the Colts are not healthy right now, and it has already taken a toll on their chances at getting a first-round bye all of a sudden. Marvin Harrison may be ready to return soon, but now Dwight Freeney is out on the defensive side of the ball. And, a little surprising obviously to finally see Adam Vinatieri miss a "game-winning kick".
5 6 +1 - The Steelers were awful on special teams, but Ben Roethlisberger single-handedly (along with the assistance of some questionable refereeing calls) carried the team on his back for what was basically the clinching of the AFC North. Of all the teams in the league, the Steelers may be the only one remaining with a shot to take out New England's unblemished record.
6 4 -2 - If you went back and compared the first game of the season to the game last week, you would've assumed the Giants' defense hasn't improved all season. Perhaps it hasn't. The Giants can't stop Dallas, and that means that despite the fact they may have the third-best record in the NFC, they'll be stuck as a wildcard team. Here's to hoping they don't collapse like last year, though.
7 9 +2 - Several weeks ago, I stated that even if Quinn Gray won one out of the three games he would start, the Jaguars would be in good shape to contend when Garrard came back. Although it wasn't necessarily "all" Gray, the Jaguars went 2-1 without Garrard, including a huge win over the Titans last week.
8 7 -1 - Vince Young threw for his first touchdown since Week 3 last week in a losing effort. Since Week 3. If Young can't throw the ball well enough to cap off the regular season, don't be surprised if people start drawing comparisons to Michael Vick (on-the-field Vick, not off-the-field Vick).
9 11 +2 - I'm sickened that I had to move the Chargers up. The offense was horrible again, despite the fact that they added Chris Chambers several weeks ago. Without special teams and six (rarity) interceptions on defense, the Chargers would have been blown out. No one was impressed with what they saw, and the Chargers know they got away with one big time. Still, they are the leaders of the AFC West.
10 9 -1 - The Browns were several "would-be plays" away from tying the Steelers for the division lead, thanks to two fantastic kick returns by Joshua Cribbs. Cleveland continues to average nearly 30 points per game, and with them having one of the weakest strength of schedules for the rest of the season, the wildcard is still certainly in sight.
11 10 -1 - The Buccaneers caught a huge break over the bye when the New Orleans Saints failed to take out the winless Rams. The Buccaneers have played the best football in their division by far this year, but their record is only mediocre in comparison to some of the other division leaders.
12 8 -4
- Ten wins sounded great for the Lions...until they lost to the Arizona Cardinals, and then you look at their remaining schedule. Where as the Browns are lucky to have a list of easy teams, it's the opposite for the Lions, starting with the Giants this Sunday.
13 16 +3
- The Seahawks have swept the 49ers this season after being swept by them last season, and yet the Seahawks still remain the same, inconsistent team on a weekly basis. Perhaps the Cardinals, who already have a win over the Seahawks this year, will be this year's "49ers", except do them one better: make the playoffs over them.
14 17 +3
- J.P. Losman and the Buffalo Bills. Could they be the team responsible for ending New England's run at a perfect season? Buffalo nearly upset Dallas this year, are currently on a four-game winning streak, and they know that the Patriots have historically been upset at least once a season in their division by either the Dolphins or the Jets. Could it be the Bills this year?
15 14 -1 - The Redskins can't expect to make noise this week against the division-leading Cowboys if they can't even best the other teams in their division. Still, the Redskins have a fighting chance if they are able to put games away better than they've been doing.
16 13 -3
- Welcome back to the NFL, Priest Holmes. Although it wasn't a lights-out performance, Holmes did a fair job in his first start in years, and will continue being the team's featured back against the Colts this week. The Chiefs have a QB problem though, and that includes the fact that they are forced to start Brodie Croyle this weekend.
17 15 -2 - Chalk up a mulligan for the Saints. We all knew the Rams had way too much talent offensively to go winless, and the Saints were the unfortunate victim of Marc Bulger and company unloading. The Saints have two winnable road games coming up, and then they'll face their biggest game of the season: a home game against the division-leading Buccaneers.
18 20 +2 - The Eagles are hanging by a thread in the NFC playoff race, but here's a personal prediction: they won't get into the playoffs. Brian Westbrook is without question capable of single-handedly turning the offense into a success, but the Eagles have had too many letdowns after solid victories this season to actually put faith in them.
19 22 +3
- Boy, wouldn't it be nice to lose three straight games, finally get a win, and still only be one game out of first place? Kurt Warner finally started to get the ball moving again for a Cardinals offense that has been underachieving as of late.
20 23 +3
- I'm not surprised that Rex Grossman is back under center for the Chicago Bears. Most of the fans got what they wanted in seeing Brian Griese have the opportunity to run the offense. The results were up-and-down, and overall not a significant upgrade over Grossman. Grossman has shown the ability to get hot for a few games in the past, so giving him another chance is worth a shot considering their record.
21 21 - - Believe it or not, it's time to start getting exciting about the Houston Texans. Matt Schaub, Ahman Green, and Andre Johnson are all reportedly set to return and START this week against the Saints. That duo has not been together since Week 2, after they had led the team to a 2-0 start.
22 18 -4
- Buzz kill. Adrian Peterson will definitely miss this week's game, and possibly the next one as well. Suddenly, the media will revert back to not caring about the Minnesota Vikings for the time being.
23 26 +3
- If there is one positive thing the Bengals can take out of this season, it's the fact that they have dominated the Baltimore Ravens twice. In two contests against them, the defense recorded 12 turnovers. Is that a record or something?
24 25 +1 - Just when I thought they were buried, the Broncos resurged again thanks in part to rookie running back Selvin Young, who had his first 100-yard game this past week in relief of Travis Henry. Credit to Jay Cutler for playing rather well too after I doubted his abilities following his injury the week before.
25 19 -6
- John Fox was considered one of the league's top coaches in the team's Super Bowl appearance several years ago, but now his job is in jeopardy due to years and years of injuries plaguing the team. This year it was the quarterback position, but still, responsibility should fall on Fox for not doing something right to prepare his team for playing so poorly at home.
26 24 -2 - If how Brian Billick has handled the Ravens' quarterback situation doesn't get him fired at some point, then I don't know what will. McNair was suitable for one year (last year), and making him the featured guy for a second season without a player ready to succeed him was a huge mistake (although they do have Troy Smith). Kyle Boller is the team's new starter, but for how long?
27 27 - - I think the Falcons have put together the quietest two-game winning streak in the history of football. Here's something I find funny, but still agree with: Joey Harrington started both of those games, but now the team is going to start the returning Byron Leftwich. The key to success for Atlanta has been the sudden burst of energy that veteran Warrick Dunn is providing again.
28 31 +3
- It's amazing what one win will do for a football team. Unlike the Dolphins, I'm confident that the Rams can actually pose a threat to win on a weekly basis for the rest of the season if they stay healthy. The season's over barring a miracle, but heh, they do play in the worst division in football.
29 28 -1 - Back to Daunte Culpepper, after they had gone to Josh McCown for two weeks because Culpepper wasn't getting the job done. Lane Kiffin? Remember you have another quarterback on the bench over there? JaMarcus Russell? First overall pick of the draft?
30 29 -1 - People are probably vomiting as they watch the 49ers' offense unfold. It's amazing that I actually got so excited about this team after they started the season 2-0. Now, I'll probably pick the Rams to beat them this week, even though they just won their first game of the year last week.
31 30 -1 - The rest of the season is all about getting to know what positions to improve upon for next year, primarily focusing on the quarterback position. Will Kellen Clemons get it done, or will the Jets be looking for a new quarterback in April's draft and/or free agency?
32 32 - - Circle the game on your calendar Dolphins fans: December 2nd. That's when the Dolphins play the Jets in Miami, and it'll probably be their only remaining chance to remove themselves from the category of no return. 

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