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Week 12 Power Rankings: Steeler Turkey
Chris Pokorny November 22, 2007
Chris Pokorny
PFC Owner & Writer

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In our Week 12 Power Rankings, the Pittsburgh Steelers dropped from the top five after their loss to the New York Jets. Besides just losing though, their chances of winning the first or second seed in the AFC decreased dramatically. Meanwhile, plenty of teams in the middle of the pack saw plenty of changes as we head into Thanksgiving!

Top Riser: Houston Texans (No. 21 to No. 14).
Top Faller: San Diego Chargers (No. 9 to No. 15).

Week 12 Power Rankings
Rank Last Wk. +/- Team Comment
1 1 - - Do the Patriots "need" to be able to run the football down the stretch in reality, as some analysts claim? Why can't Tom Brady just continue tossing five or six scores per game and let the defense handle the rest?
2 2 - - I've never seen a center, especially of Andre Gurode's caliber, snap so many balls over the head of a quarterback and everything is "fine", and even serves as comic relief for Romo after he converts the play into a positive.
3 3 - - The Packers are tied for the second best record in football, but they may not get the "full" respect they deserve unless they beat the Cowboys after their Turkey Day showdown with the Lions.
4 4 - - How's Peyton Manning's life as a QB when it really is only "Peyton Manning"? 1-1 so far, although still not the most impressive looking on offense.
5 7 +2 - David Garrard should be the sole winner of the "underrated" AFC MVP award if he remains on pace to not throw a single interception this season. Mistake free football has the Jaguars on the winning side of games.
6 6 - - Last year's Giants would have folded to the Lions' comeback attempt.
7 5 -2 - Frauds? Not really. But, another loss like that will certainly make them less intimidating come postseason time.
8 10 +2 - The Dawson Effect shall forever be remember as a highlight in Cleveland sports if the Browns make the postseason this year.
9 11 +2 - The Buccaneers clearly have the talent and chemistry to be one of the NFC's best, but they need to show more consistency still.
10 13 +3
- I've been holding the Seahawks back after a stretch of streaky games, but Mike Holmgren has finally gone with a wise philosophy the past two weeks: let Hasselbeck give his talented receivers a chance to make a play.
11 8 -3
- When defenses say their strategy is to make Vince Young be a quarterback, I think of Michael Vick (football only) all over again.
12 12 - - And so, the stretch of difficult games has already gone against the Lions. However, they were far from blown out by one of the NFC's best teams; don't even come close to counting them out yet.
13 18 +5
- Forget that they won: I don't think I've ever seen a quarterback have so many performance swings as Donovon McNabb has had.
14 21 +7
- If only Andre Johnson never got injured, we'd have two undefeated teams in the league currently, right?
15 9 -6
- Week by week, the thought of believing the Chargers could still be the team they were last year is growing off of me.
16 19 +3
- Kurt Warner has been able to revive Arizona's offense again; unfortunately the Seahawks are getting hot again too.
17 15 -2 - The Redskins really did control their own destiny over the past several weeks, and they haven't come through with the victories.
18 24 +6
- I have to admit: the Broncos, a team I've notoriously been against due to their gameplay, are going to get a much closer look from me from now on.
19 14 -5
- Mental note: Teams aren't as bad as they look when they face the Patriots.
20 16 -4
- It's a shame that Priest Holmes' return had to end so soon; time for Kolby Smith to be the Chiefs' new savior.
21 17 -4
- I'm somewhat speechless over the past two eggs laid by the Saints after finally getting back to .500. What a disappointment.
22 22 - - Move aside Adrian Peterson: Chester Taylor still has a lot left in his tank.
23 20 -3
- Technically, the Bears' win two weeks ago went to starter Brian Griese, and last Sunday's loss went to Rex Grossman.
24 23 -1 - AFC North opponents of the Bengals would love to have Antrel Rolle on their team soon.
25 25 - - Carolina's lack of productivity is borderline unbearable to watch: why do the injuries occur every single year now?
26 26 - - Brian Billick seems to make so many coaching mistakes that it's beyond me why he still has his job.
27 28 +1 - Two in a row, and probably a few more wins to come the Rams' away after a horrific start.
28 27 -1 - The move to Byron Leftwich looks pretty dumb now, but that's certainly easy to say after the fact.
29 31 +2 - Eric Mangini savored the taste of victory over the Steelers. That may be the motivation the Jets needed to win some more games this season.
30 29 -1 - Seriously, what is the point of not developing JaMarcus Russell already?
31 30 -1 - I wish there would have been some footage of Trent Dilfer tackling his own defensive teammate in practice.
32 32 - - The Dolphins can only score on special teams, John Beck didn't produce a single point, and the team is hoping for Ricky Williams to win them a game before the season ends.

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