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Week 13 NFL Power Rankings: Giants' Collapse Beginning?
Chris Pokorny November 29, 2007
Chris Pokorny
PFC Owner & Writer

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In our Week 13 Power Rankings, the number of changes in the rankings was dramatically lower than it has been all season for whatever reason. That didn't stop one team to take a fairly big hit though, and I'll give you a hint of which team it was: their quarterback seems to have a knack for throwing the wrong form of touchdowns.

Top Riser: Minnesota Vikings (No. 22 to No. 16).
Top Faller: New York Giants (No. 6 to No. 10) and Kansas City Chiefs (No. 20 to No. 24).

Week 13 Power Rankings
Rank Last Wk. +/- Team Comment
1 1 - - I couldn't help but lash out at NBC for keeping another Patriots game on Sunday Night, but the Eagles ended up giving them a run for their money. Overall though, the small margin of victory was more so a tremendous effort by the Eagles than it was a letdown by the Patriots.
2 2 - - The Cowboys satisfied Patriots fans on Thanksgiving by annihilating the Jets. All of the focus is shifted to the NFC's version of the Colts vs. Patriots this Thursday now when the Cowboys take on the Packers.
3 3 - - While Brett Favre's career year continues, the team's toughest test will be on the road against the Cowboys. The winner of the game will probably have the first seed in the NFC, and that could ultimately determine who represents the conference in the Super Bowl.
4 4 - - The Colts don't look so inept once they start getting at least some of their weapons back, do they? The Colts have one critical game remaining this season, and it'll be this week against the Jaguars. They'll probably be without Marvin Harrison again, but he basically didn't play when the teams met earlier this season either.
5 5 - - The Jaguars need to beat the Colts. If they want the division, they can have it with a win. Let's hope David Garrard plays through the whole game, because it'd be a shame for Jacksonville to get screwed over offensively twice in the same season when they've put together a great team overall.
6 7 +1 - The Steelers really shouldn't be ranked this high considering how they have played offensively the past two weeks against the Jets and the Dolphins, arguably the league's worst two teams. The defense has remained solid though, and without having lost a game in their division yet, the playoffs are all but a certainty for them at this point.
7 8 +1 - The Browns have been waiting all season for their defense to mature, and slowly it's happening. It may not show up on the stat sheet in terms of yardage and points allowed, but more sacks, takeaways, and stops on third down could propel the Browns' offense even further, giving the team the luxury of running Jamal Lewis late in games to close things out.
8 9 +1 - You had to love Jon Gruden's reaction following the game in a press conference when asked if he had wanted to get a look at Bruce Gradkowski running the offense. Jeff Garcia is the heart and soul of the offense, and for the Buccaneers' sake, let's hope he makes it through the entire season.
9 10 +1 - If the Seahawks had still been stuck with the mentality of running the ball, chances are they wouldn't have had the confidence to pass so often and rally against the Rams. Still, the big play game when the Rams fumbled on fourth and goal from the one at the end of the game.
10 6 -4
- Eli Manning? Three touchdowns thrown for interceptions? Defensive injuries starting to add up? Did the Giants' giant collapse start one game later than it did last season?
11 15 +4
- I still question some of the decisions to pass more often than running later in the game against the Ravens, but props to Philip Rivers for having his best game of the season. However, it's certainly easy to have a day like that when the Ravens leave Antonio Gates wide open twice and Chris Chambers wide open once, resulting in three touchdowns.
12 13 +1 - A.J. Feeley's willingness to give his receivers a shot to make a play on the football was the reason the Eagles played a great game with the Patriots. The big test will be whether or not he was a one-week wonder, or if he can push the team into the postseason if McNabb remains out.
13 12 -1 - After losing on Thanksgiving, the only way the Lions would've been able to hold onto a wildcard spot was if the Redskins, Eagles, and Cardinals all lost. They all lost. For one week, the Lions somehow survived.
14 11 -3
- After getting hot the second half of the season last year, the Titans have taken the opposite approach this year. They've dropped three in a row and have fallen out of the AFC wildcard position. Oh, how much they miss Albert Haynesworth.
15 14 -1 - The Texans shouldn't be too discouraged by their loss to the Browns. The discouragement is more so in the fact that they took a big hit in the wildcard race, though they still have a shot at creeping in.
16 22 +6
- The Vikings have won two straight games without Adrian Peterson, and they are only one game out of a wildcard spot in the NFC. I thought the Vikings had no shot to compete offensively this year, but the offensive line and the running game has been beyond belief. Tarvaris Jackson isn't playing great, but he's cut down on the turnovers.
17 17 - - The Redskins are still involved in a muddled NFC wildcard race after losing three in a row. The loss of Sean Taylor was tragic, and each of those players on Washington will have him in mind this Sunday when they take the field against the Bills.
18 16 -2 - Imagine that you are really hungry for a candy bar -- you'd give anything for one. Then, someone dangles a candy bar right above your head not once, not twice, but three times. Each time, despite it being perfectly within reach, you can't seem to grab the candy bar. Then, the fourth time, someone else grabs the candy bar and crushes your hopes. That's how to describe the Cardinals' loss to the 49ers in non-football terms.
19 19 - - Back to Trent Edwards for the Bills. At first I wanted the team to stick with him, then I wanted Losman to get a few more cracks, and now I can't disagree with going back to Edwards. Overall though, the situation in Buffalo cries for a new franchise quarterback.
20 18 -2 - Kicking to Devin Hester is easier said than done, and the Broncos are a game back in the division because of him now.
21 21 - - Their game against the Buccaneers this week is what they've been waiting for all season. If Drew Brees is on top of his game, this will be the team's final shot at at least being competitive for a division title run down the stretch.
22 23 +1 - Two Devin Hester touchdowns. A miracle Bernard Berrian touchdown catch on fourth down. For one week, things finally went the Bears' way again.
23 24 +1 - Now that's the Cincinnati Bengals team we've been waiting to see all season long. Whether or not they can duplicate that effort against the Steelers this Sunday will be a true test of their consistency though.
24 20 -4 - The quarterback play may have been ineffective overall by Damon Huard, but going to Brodie Croyle has been a detriment so far. Not playing Huard has contributed to losing four in a row for the Chiefs.
25 27 +2 - A fumbled snap away from winning three in a row, and more importantly a nice divisional dig over the Seattle Seahawks.
26 26 - - This team just isn't very fun to watch this season.
27 28 +1 - For a quarter, Falcons fans had to be going crazy at the possibility of upsetting the Colts. Reality set back in a mere one quarter later.
28 25 -3
- It's almost as if the Panthers' offense would be more effective if DeShaun Foster or Steve Smith just took direct snaps all game long.
29 30 +1 - After a season of quite a few close games, the Raiders do deserve some props for breaking their losing streak, not only for this season, but over multiple seasons against teams in their division. That doesn't change the fact that JaMarcus Russell should be getting some playing time.
30 29 -1 - The Jets better bring their A-game when they battle the Dolphins in a couple weeks, because Miami will see opportunity in that game.
31 31 - - For the first time this season, Frank Gore and the 49ers offense came back to life. I'm sure it'll go back to being non-existent the rest of the season, unfortunately.
32 32 - - Hi Ricky Williams. Bye Ricky Williams. In all seriousness, I wish he would've been able to play the rest of the season.

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