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Week 14 Power Rankings: Wildcard Contenders
Chris Pokorny December 8, 2007
Chris Pokorny
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In our Week 14 Power Rankings, the biggest change in the charts came just below the top ten, where several wildcard hopefuls are making their late-season pushes. While the Vikings, Cardinals, Bills, and Titans hope to be playing in January, the Bears, Saints, and Texans may be getting ready to call it a season.

Top Riser: Arizona Cardinals (No. 18 to No. 14) and Buffalo Bills (No. 19 to No. 15).
Top Faller: Detroit Lions (No. 13 to No. 19). Power Rankings

Week 14 Power Rankings
Rank Last Wk. +/- Team Comment
1 1 - - It's funny that as soon as I, along with many other people, start complaining about the Patriots hogging all the night games when all they do is blow out the opposition, they start providing a reason to watch until the final seconds of the game. It's almost as if they are good enough to control the wishes of the fans' emotions and still win at the same time.
2 2 - - Granted, had the Packers had two of their top defensive players healthy, Tony Romo and company may not have had it so easy. In the end, Dallas is the team ready to lock up the NFC's home-field advantage.
3 4 +1 - The Jaguars made a game of it, but the Colts had control of the game throughout. This team has started to score without everyone healthy -- imagine what will happen when Marvin Harrison is ready to go again.
4 3 -1 - Pain or not, Brett Favre's streak isn't going to end just because of a little old separated shoulder and elbow injury. As long as they don't blow it, no one is really going to take the second seed away from them.
5 5 - - David Garrard threw his first interception of the season, but the important fact is that he brought the Jaguars back from a deficit and showed that the Jaguars will hang with the Colts in the postseason if the matchup arises.
6 6 - - I don't think I've ever seen a running back fumble as much as Willie Parker did in a stretch of about three plays on Monday Night. Thanks to having the best defense in the NFL though, the Steelers' offensive woes are able to be covered up at this point.
7 8 +1 - Luke McCown to the rescue? I wouldn't consider benching Jeff Garcia or anything, but Josh McCown's younger brother picked a heck of a time to have the best game of his career in a surprise start.
8 9 +1 - A.J. Feeley gave the Seahawks the game. In a week where the Cardinals won though, the Seahawks inevitably came away the victor, maintaining a two-game lead on their divisional foes.
9 7 -2 - Replays clearly show it was a forceout, and despite a game full of mistakes, the Browns should've won. Instead, they'll have to win out and get some help to maintain their wildcard spot.
10 11 +1
- LaDainian Tomlinson? Is he ready to take over again? In a game where Philip Rivers was back to struggling, Tomlinson ripped apart the Chiefs defense in the second half to establish comfortable control of the AFC West for the first time this season.
11 10 -1 - I don't care that the Giants came away with a big win against the Bears. For three quarters, it was nothing but the same Giants team that has struggled the past three weeks. That's not postseason football.
12 14 +2 - Coupled with a Browns loss, Albert Haynesworth's return vaulted the Titans back into the wildcard race in the AFC. They have a tough schedule though, facing two division leaders (Chargers/Colts) in their final four weeks.
13 16 +3
- Adrian Peterson can juke people out if he was in a wheelchair apparently. The biggest "X-factor" for the Vikings may be the fact that Tarvaris Jackson is quietly in the best stretch of his career. During the team's three game winning streak, he's completing 77% of his passes with three touchdowns and two interceptions.
14 18 +4

- Two heartbreakers in two consecutive weeks for the Cardinals; except the game against the Browns actually went their way at the end. That's enough to currently hold the NFC's second wildcard spot.
15 19 +4
- On the leg of Rian Lindell, the Buffalo Bills are still alive in the AFC playoff race.
16 17 +1
- They lost a heartbreaker to the Bills a week ago, but Todd Collins sweetened the deal with a perfect outing in relief against the Chicago Bears on Thursday Night Football.
17 12 -5
- Feeley gave some hope, but inevitably handed the starting role back to Donovan McNabb with several interceptions right into the hands of the opposition at inopportune times.
18 15 -3
- From 3-0 with Andre Johnson, to 3-2 with Andre Johnson. With Matt Schaub possibly out for the season, the year of progression for the Texans has taken another hit.
19 13 -6
- Down, down, down, and down. Ten wins seem to be light-years away from the Lions at this point, especially with Roy Williams out of action.
20 21 +1 - With the Saints leading most of the game against the Buccaneers, I felt good about my prediction of them making the playoffs. Then, one botched trick play near the end of the game negated that thought, and the Saints' postseason hopes.
21 20 -1 - Not even the returning Travis Henry and Javon Walker could will the Broncos out of their unusual up-and-down season, losing to the Raiders' Josh McCown and JaMarcus Russell.
22 22 - - Rex Grossman and Brian Griese? If I'm Bears fans, I don't want to see either of these guys on my roster next season.
23 23 - - Carson Palmer's inefficiency against the Steelers, even with the tough weather elements, was quite surprising.
24 25 +1 - The Rams won last week without Marc Bulger, improving to 3-9 on the season. Gus Frerotte is out this week, and Bulger has suffered a setback. That means that Brock Berlin, a former Miami Hurricanes quarterback, could get the start. Is this Ryan Fitzpatrick version 2.0?
25 24 -1 - Let's outline what the Chiefs need in the offseason: an effective quarterback, a backup running back, and a wide receiver. That equates to a poor offense, which also is hurt with a weary offensive line.
26 26 - - Credit to the Ravens for nearly upsetting the Patriots after I had written them off completely. Their actions at the end of the game and during the postgame were classless though, regardless of the situation.
27 28 +1 - I'm not quite sure what it is, but something is keeping this team alive. Granted, this is a hypothetical, but if the Panthers upset the Jaguars this week, there's a great chance that they could be tied for a playoff spot heading into next week.
28 29 +1
- JaMarcus Russell's first NFL action may not have lasted long, but at least it's finally in the books. The Raiders also stand at 4-8 and have won two division games in a row out of no where.
29 30 +1 - The Jets, despite having only three wins, can at least breath a sigh of relief that they knocked off the Dolphins twice this season, failing to be the team to end their losing streak.
30 27 -3
- Was that Chris Redman at quarterback? And Tim Dwight at wide receiver? You might as well call the Falcons an expansion team.
31 31 - - No surprise that a week after they had their only offensive sighting of the season the 49ers were back to being inept against the Panthers defense.
32 32 - - For one half, the Dolphins provided some hope that maybe, just maybe, they could end it against the Jets. By the end of the game, the only things close to being upset were the few Dolphins fans that may have believed their team could win.

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