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Week 15 Power Rankings - Steelers in Danger
Chris Pokorny December 12, 2007
Chris Pokorny
PFC Owner & Writer

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In our Week 15 Power Rankings, there weren't a considerable amount of drastic rises or drops in the rankings, but there were a lot of moderate ones. There was even some movement in the top ten, as the Seattle Seahawks clinched a division title and the Pittsburgh Steelers are suddenly finding their's in jeopardy.

Top Riser: San Diego Chargers (No. 10 to No. 7).
Top Faller: Tampa Bay Buccaneers (No. 7 to No. 10). Power Rankings

Week 15 Power Rankings
Rank Last Wk. +/- Team Comment
1 1 - - It's funny how the Eagles and Ravens took them to the test while the Steelers weren't in the game in during the third quarter. I can't imagine what Bill Belichick has in store for Eric Mangini and the Jets.
2 2 - - First against Buffalo, and now against Detroit? One thing is for sure: never count Tony Romo and the Cowboys out of a football game.
3 3 - - In another week or two, even if both the Cowboys and the Colts win out, don't be surprised if I move Indianapolis up to the second spot. The Cowboys are good, but the Colts are probably the team better suited to win in New England.
4 4 - - How about some more kudos for Ryan Grant? Remember Brandon Jackson or Vernand Morency? They were the two featured running backs for this team to start this season. Impact level from them? Zilch. From Grant? Gold.
5 5 - - As good as the Jaguars have played, they still need to keep winning. A loss to the Steelers this week coupled with a Browns win would temporarily move Jacksonville back to the sixth seed.
6 8 +2 - The Seahawks comfortably wrapped up another division title with a convincing win over the Cardinals. After winning five straight games, why aren't more people talking about the Seattle Seahawks?
7 10 +3
- As bad as they played for three quarters, the Chargers came to play just at the right time to all but wrap up the AFC West. LaDainian Tomlinson's production the past two weeks has been vital in victory; the Chargers' coaching staff needs to get a strong hint from that.
8 6 -2 - While the path to the playoffs is fairly comfortable, the path to the division could suddenly be back on the line. If the Steelers underachieve against a scorching Jaguars team, the Browns win out, and the Steelers are upset in Week 16 or Week 17, they'll be playing on the road in the first round of the playoffs.
9 9 - - The Browns have had trouble closing games out on the road, making it a relief that they are the host this week against the playoff-contending Buffalo Bills.
10 7 -3
- Jeff Garcia: get well soon. It's not that Luke McCown did anything wrong, but the Buccaneers are testing dangerous waters if they are to lose a few more; they've already pretty much lost any shot at getting the third seed.
11 13 +2 - Who needs Adrian Peterson? The Vikings are one of the hottest teams in football. Teams know it, and despite their once offensive shortcomings, teams can't stop them.
12 11 -1 - I'm waiting for the Giants to have that breakout moment still. Eli Manning has had a couple of nice fourth quarter finishes, but I want to see a player "explode" down the stretch here, like Tiki Barber did in Week 17 last year to send a message heading into the playoffs.
13 15 +2 - The Bills continue to take care of business against the below .500 teams. Can they finally get it done against a team with a winning record to end their years of playoff absences?
14 16 +2 - Todd Collins to the rescue? Fat chance, but you never know.
15 12 -3 - Don't blame the Titans' aggressive defense for the late letdown to the Chargers. Blame Vince Young for not playing like the Vince Young we saw lead so many crucial games last season.
16 14 -2 - With the division on the line, the Cardinals gave it all they could and came up short. Unlike the past few years that have been very disappointing though, this season has shown that perhaps next year, the Cardinals can take a full step forward.
17 18 +1 - Sage Rosenfels to the rescue? I'm tired of all of these backup quarterbacks shining in the spotlight. Overall, Derek Anderson's been the only one to do it week in and week out.
18 20 +2 - Imagine: if the Saints wouldn't have botched the trick play against the Buccaneers, they'd be in first place in the NFC South right now. Yikes.
19 17 -2 - I wonder if fans are starting to hate Donovan McNabb more than they ever did Terrell Owens.
20 19 -1 - Another admirable effort from the Lions results in another depressing loss.
21 21 - - The Broncos are virtually out of the postseason race barring everything going their way. Inconsistency continues to define the Denver Broncos' '07 season.
22 23 +1 - For morality's sake, getting to 8-8 would be a boost heading into next season.
23 22 -1 - It looks like it's back to Brian Griese. I'll say it again: are Chicago fans just dying for a completely new starting quarterback already?
24 24 - - I'd give the Rams a mulligan for their loss to the Bengals. What do you expect when you have to shove Brock Berlin as a starter at the last possible second?
25 25 - - It's not a myth -- there was a time when the Chiefs won four of five games this season.
26 26 - - The injury list seems to be a biweekly thing on defense for the Ravens. On offense, why not just play Troy Smith now and see what the kid has to offer? Do Ravens fans really believe Kyle Boller is still the future?
27 27 - - For at least one half, the playoff hopes of the Carolina Panthers remained alive. In the next half, they were diminished as badly as you can diminish hope.
28 28 - - JaMarcus Russell didn't play because of the cold weather? The excuses aren't sitting well with fans or the media; let's see what he has already for an extended period of time.
29 29 - - Many have blamed the Jets for kicking a field goal against the Browns instead of going for it, but I don't. However, they should have simply kicked it high or normal on the following series considering they had all three timeouts.
30 30 - - Roddy White and Jerious Norwood. Two positives in a lost season. And bye bye, Mr. Petrino.
31 31 - - Watching this team makes me wonder how in the world they won so many games last season.
32 32 - - Do you know what would be interesting? Seeing Bill Cowher run this team next season. Purely for curiosity's sake, I'd love to see how quick he can turn around a football team.

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