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Week 9 Power Rankings: Opportunity Arriving
Chris Pokorny November 3, 2007
Chris Pokorny
PFC Owner & Writer

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In our Week 9 Power Rankings, the top eight teams didn't see any changes from a week ago. For the first time this season though, the Patriots will have the chance to overthrow the Colts in next week's rankings. For now, the Colts remain the top team in the NFL.

Top Riser: New Orleans Saints (No. 26 to No. 19)
Top Faller: Carolina Panthers (No. 11 to No. 17) and Houston Texans (No. 17 to No. 23)

Week 9 Power Rankings
Rank Last Wk. +/-Team Comment
1 1 - - No one's doubting New England's dominance. The Colts have actually been involved in some close games this season though, and having experience in those situations could be an underrated "X" factor.
2 2 - - By this time next week, Tom Brady may have finally overtaken the first-ranked Colts, something I've been too stubborn to change all season long.
3 3 - - Coming off of the bye week, the Cowboys have no room to relax: not only are the Giants a game behind them, the Eagles are ready to make their stand against the division leaders in prime time.
4 4 - - In what turned out to be an ugly, rain-filled game over in London, the Giants didn't fold to the winless Dolphins as their defense stayed strong.
5 5 - - The Packers have a 6-1 record, but the Cowboys, Colts, and Patriots have been hogging the spotlight. Could Ryan Grant give the Packers the running game they've been seeking?
6 6 - - Ben Roethlisberger can't seem to lose in Ohio. Considering that two of the Steelers' three-divisional foes play in that state, that bodes well for a team that finally got Hines Ward involved in the offense again.
7 7 - - I'd love to see how this Chargers team would match up against the Patriots at this point of the season.
8 8 - - I simply don't get it: Vince Young has continued playing the actual quarterback position pretty bad, yet the Titans' defense will always keep the lead for him. When Young breaks out, the Titans will be a top-five team in the league.
9 12 +3
- I didn't think the Jaguars could execute a gameplay of Quinn Gray playing it safe while the defense carried the load. I was proven wrong last week: even if the Jaguars get only one more win before Garrard returns, they'll be in great shape.
10 10 - - The mistakes have started to build up for Jeff Garcia over the past two weeks, resulting in two very closes losses. The Buccaneers failed to take advantage of a Delhomme-less Panthers team and an early-season Saints struggle.
11 14 +3
- The Lions are beginning to win with the running game, but don't think for a second that their pass offense has permanently disappeared. When they feel like they need to use it again, they'll do so.
12 15 +3
- Derek Anderson's been the story of the Browns, but the real breakout player for Cleveland has been Braylon Edwards. Randy Moss has recorded more touchdowns, but in terms of acrobatic catches, Edwards has been the best in football.
13 16 +3 - It's tough to believe the Chiefs will maintain the edge over the Chargers for very long in the AFC West, but stranger things have happened. Once again, it'll be fun to see what Priest Holmes does after the team's bye last week.
14 9 -5
- The Redskins have been solid overall this season, but their effort against the Patriots was a major turnoff.
15 13 -2 - Shaun Alexander: are you there still? The former MVP of the league faces a weary Browns run defense this week, but the faith that he'll go over 100 yards isn't even there.
16 22 +6
- I'm not sure if I've ever had a team fluctuate as much as the Eagles have. Philadelphia's edge definitely involves the years of experience and continuity they have with players on the field and coaches on the sideline.
17 11 -6
- No one expected the Panthers to take down the Colts. However, if Vinny Testaverde's not going to play, is David Carr really going to light a fire under the offense?
18 18 - - With a 3-4 record, the world is far from over for the Cardinals: a win this week combined by a Seahawks loss puts them in a first-place tie again.
19 26 +7
- The Saints have won three games in a row after teetering towards the out-of-contention-for-sure "0-5" mark. The Saints' wins haven't been flukes either: Drew Brees has cut down on his mistakes and the defense is getting the offense the ball more often.
20 23 +3
- Technically, if you're keeping score, the Bills are 3-1 since Trent Edwards became the starting quarterback. Due to injury and J.P. Losman's two scoring-led drives last week though, Losman is back to the field for now. 
21 19 -2 - Steve McNair is back and ready to take on the Steelers, but this four-win team's offense doesn't go very far beyond Willis McGahee.
22 21 -1 - Close, but not close enough. You can't blame the Broncos' defensive backs for a lackluster offensive showing, but you don't expect Dre Bly and Champ Bailey to give up two 70+ yard touchdowns in one season, let alone one game.
23 17 -6
- Sage Rosenfels is in at starting quarterback for the injured Matt Schaub. A productive offense over the first two weeks that featured Schaub, Ahman Green, and Andre Johnson is no more, and this the reason for being 1-5 since.
24 20 -4
- The Bears of the past depended on winning both division games against the formerly "lowly" Detroit Lions. Now, the tables are turned as the Bears continue to turn the ball over way too often.
25 24 -1 - It's not as if the Vikings had a passing game to begin with. This week, Bobby Wade and Troy Williamson may not be able to play, and they are "considered" the team's top two receivers. Maybe Tarvaris Jackson will go for negative passing yards?
26 25 -1 - After Marvin Lewis received so much credit for originally turning the Bengals around, he deserves all of the criticism for the team's current issues. He's done nothing to improve the defense, there are too many troublemakers, and he didn't keep a once-solid offensive line in tact.
27 27 - - After Daunte Culpepper's lackluster efforts with the Dolphins last year and the Raiders this year, it's hard to imagine that he'll ever make much of an impact in the NFL again.
28 28 - - After so many defensive additions, the lack of a standout wide receiver has cost the 49ers for the second season in a row. At least there was a buzz last year; this year there's nothing.
29 29 - - So, what idiotic thing will DeAngelo Hall do this week?
30 30 - - Kellen Clemons was finally named the Jets' new starting quarterback. You can't blame Eric Mangini; after all, Pennington could only put three points on the board against the Bills at home.
31 31 - - Just when Marc Bulger started to show some spark with the Rams' offense with the return of Steven Jackson, Jackson suffered another injury and the Rams lost their advantage to the Browns.
32 32 - - The worst ranking for the worst team in football.

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