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Wide Receiver Rankings: Top 50
Chris Pokorny July 2, 2006
Chris Pokorny
PFC Owner & Writer

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Fantasy football is vastly approaching, but Steve Smith isn't the man on top of our list. Despite his outstanding performance last year, Marvin Harrison has leaped up to the first spot. Harrison has always seemed to finish around the 5th best position as a receiver, but this year the Colts running game may not be relied on as often until they know for sure that Edgerrin James is replaceable. For the times that they don't run, Manning will throw to either Wayne or Harrison.

On the other hand, Smith will probably have the same season as he did last year, even with Keyshawn Johnson added to the roster. Who's the big riser on our list? It would definitely have to be Chris Chambers, who could have a breakout season if Culpepper returns to his overwhelming form. Read on to find out who our top fifty receivers are. If you have any comments, please send us an e-mail at pokorny@pfcritics.com and we'll post them in our next mailbag session. These wide receiver rankings were made on July 2nd, 2006.

Rank Player Comment
1 Marvin Harrison With James gone, Manning will explore the field a little more often.
2 Steve Smith The addition of Keyshawn shouldn't decline Smith's stats too much.
3 Chad Johnson With or without Carson Palmer, he'd still be a top receiver.
4 Terrell Owens The Cowboys won't suspend him, giving him a full season of production.
5 Chris Chambers Chambers could have a career year with Culpepper under center.
6 Torry Holt With Bulger back, Holt returns to top-notch form.
7 Anquan Boldin Missed two games last year and nearly led the league in yards rec.
8 Larry Fitzgerald Could easily be interchanged with Boldin.
9 Santana Moss The Redskins have some new weapons, declining Moss' stats a little.
10 Darrell Jackson A healthy Jackson takes control of No. 1 receiving job.
11 Donald Driver Driver may be the only guy Favre can rely on consistently.
12 Randy Moss Aaron Brooks doesn't thrill us, but he's still Randy Moss.
13 Javon Walker If healthy, Walker will thrive in Denver's system.
14 Reggie Wayne He may lack the yards that Harrison will put up, but he'll get the scores.
15 Hines Ward Roethlisberger's primary go-to-receiver is always a safe choice.
16 Plaxico Burress Burress has revived his career away from the Steelers.
17 Deion Branch The Patriots used to pass it to everyone, but Branch is the No. 1.
18 Rod Smith Smith will fall a little due to Walker, but is still a solid veteran.
19 Joe Horn Horn will be thrilled at the consistency of Brees compared to Brooks.
20 Joey Galloway Galloway emerged as a top receiver when Clayton seemed MIA.
21 T.J. Houshmanzadeh Although Johnson leads the Bengals, T.J. can be just as big of a threat.
22 Roy Williams Williams has been the most consistent among Detroit's mischievous three.
23 Eddie Kennison Kennison quietly leads the Chiefs in yards every year.
24 Derrick Mason Re-united with McNair, Mason can give the Ravens a receiving threat.
25 Joe Jurevicius With Braylon Edwards missing 1/3 of the season, Jurevicius is No. 1.
26 Andre Johnson Johnson fell off the earth last year, but Moulds' threat will aid him.
27 Muhsin Muhammad Less production as a Bear, but Grossman will be better than Orton.
28 Nate Burleson Burleson will regroup from injury season to step up as leading receiver.
29 Jerry Porter If the Raiders had a better offense, Porter could be in the top ten.
30 Drew Bennett The addition of Givens no longer makes him the only receiver to pass to.
31 David Givens Givens was a reliable target for Brady and will to the same for Titans.
32 Braylon Edwards He'll miss about six weeks, but will be featured often during return.
33 Lee Evans If the Bills actually had a QB, Evans may be in the top fifteen.
34 Laveraneus Coles Until the Jets settle on a QB too, Coles will be stuck down here.
35 Terry Glenn Glenn did well with Keyshawn, but now it's all about Owens.
36 Keenan McCardell McCardell takes a hit with a first-year starting quarterback under center.
37 Matt Jones With Jimmy Smith gone, Jones will be on the field a lot more often.
38 Reggie Brown Brown should emerge as the Eagles top receiver with a healthy McNabb.
39 Antonio Bryant Bryant will play like last year for Smith, similar to when he had Frye.
40 Donte Stallworth Stallworth has been challenging Horn for the team's top spot lately.
41 Kevin Curtis With Bruce getting older, Curtis sees quite a few looks in trips set.
42 Cedrick Wilson With Holmes legal problems, Wilson will be the team's second WR.
43 Amani Toomer Toomer won't produce like Burress or Shockey, but still does well.
44 Ernest Wilford Surprised everyone with late-season production on Jacksonville.
45 Brandon Llyod If he can stay consistent, he'll compliment S. Moss very well.
46 Koren Robinson He hardly played last year, but will be back as a WR this year.
47 Michael Clayton Will rebound from horrific sophomore season to perform average.
48 Chad Jackson The only rookie receiver to crack the top 50 in a slim Patriots group.
49 Mike Williams Kitna could provide more stability for the Lions offense.
50 Brandon Stokley Will benefit from play-action more than he did last year.
Bubble: Issac Bruce, Eric Moulds, Michael Jenkins, Robert Ferguson, Peerless Price

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