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- Aikman, Madden Among Hall of Fame

Chris Pokorny February 4, 2006
Chris Pokorny
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The new Hall of Fame inductees were introduced Saturday, led by several legends that will go down in history as some of the most memorable people involved in football. The inductees include Troy Aikman, Warren Moon, John Madden, Reggie White, Harry Carson, and Rayfield Wright. It is the biggest group since 2001.

Sara White, the husband of the late Reggie, was ecstatic of the announcement.

"Every city embraced Reggie as a player and as a person," Sara White said of her husband...The wonderful thing I can say about my husband is there can't be anything negative said about him. Nothing," she said. "I wish he was here, that is the only regret I have. But you know what, he is here. He is."

Moon is the first black quarterback to make it into the Hall of Fame.

"To be the first African-American quarterback into the Hall of Fame, all African-American QBs who played before me should share in this," Moon said. "I don't want to make this a racial thing, but I think it is significant. It shows that we have arrived at the pinnacle of our sport."

One notable person that did not make it is Michael Irvin. He was disappointed, but hopeful for the future. He is proud that Aikman made it in though.

"Any level of disappointment I have is undermined by my joy for Troy," Irvin said. "Last year this time, I was in my room crying. I couldn't move. Now, I'm out here and I'm going to laugh and enjoy this moment for Troy...It's not about me, it's about Troy."

Madden, who will announce the Super Bowl on Sunday, was almost in tears.

"I was coming over here and saying, 'They can't take this away, can they?"' he said...People always ask are you a coach or a broadcaster or a video game guy?...I'm a coach, always been a coach."

Madden, who has been with ABC the past few years, will join NBC starting next season.

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