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- Alexander Looking Forward to Return

Chris Pokorny January 17, 2006
Chris Pokorny
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The Seattle Seahawks will be facing the Carolina Panthers in the NFC Championship this Sunday. The Panthers have lost their starting running back for the season, but luckily for the Seahawks, it looks as if their's will be back. Seahawks MVP running back Shaun Alexander will likely return after suffering a concussion in the first quarter against the Washington Redskins this past weekend.

Mike Holmgren says that Alexander will be ready to go this week unless the doctors say otherwise.

"He said he was feeling good, feeling fine," Holmgren said. "So I'm assuming unless something happens, he'll be ready to practice."

Alexander knows that these things happen, but is confident that he'll be playing at full-force this weekend.

"It is what it is," Alexander said. "We play a violent sport."

Alexander said he did not suffer any lingering symptoms after taking a blow to the head while being tackled against the Redskins. Alexander did not have a chance to get going before leaving and being replaced by backup running back Maurice Morris. Fullback Mack Strong helped with a pretty big run of his own as well. Holmgren is excited about the thought of having Alexander back this week.

"It feels great," Holmgren said. "I mean, he's the MVP of football and a big part of what we've done this season. More importantly, I'm glad. Anytime you see any player go down like that, you're nervous for him -- aside from what he can do for you as a football player. I'm glad he's OK."

Right after being hit, Alexander felt lost. He remembered getting hit, but was confused when he saw himself alone on the bench with Hasselbeck and the offense on the field.

"I looked up and saw Matt on the scoreboard (video screen)," he said. "And I looked down the bench and saw all the linemen gone. I said, `Did I get knocked out?' I was out for about 20 minutes. For about 20 minutes there, I didn't know if I was me...or if I was playing against the Auburn Tigers."

The Seahawks will host the Panthers on Sunday at 6:30pm EST for the NFC Championship. The Panthers running back, DeShaun Foster, broke his ankle against the Chicago Bears. He will be replaced by running back Nick Goings.

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