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- Art Shell: Fired After Just One Season as Raiders Coach

Chris Pokorny January 5, 2007
Chris Pokorny
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If Art Shell accomplished one thing as the Raiders coach this season, it was the fact that he guided them to the No. 1 pick for April's draft. The Raiders fired Shell after just one season after the team suffered its worst record in over four decades.

"While Art will no longer serve as head coach, he and Mr. Davis have discussed and will continue to discuss opportunities for Art to remain a valued member of the Raider organization," the team released in a statement.

It seems as if no one can fix the Raiders anymore, as the team has gone through three coaching changes in the past four years. The team only has a 15-49 record during that span of time, something that almost sounds impossible. Shell was hired less than a year ago in February after the team got rid of head coach Norv Turner. Turner was only with the team for two seasons. Back on Monday, Shell had stated that he felt he would be back for another season.

"I firmly believe in what we're trying to do," Shell had said on Monday. "And I firmly believe in where we're headed with this thing. Many times, a record is not an indicator, and I know it's wins and losses that count, but I think and believe that we're a better group than we were at the beginning of the year or at any time in the offseason."

Davis had also coached the Raiders more than a decade ago, when he had a 54-38 record over five years with the team. Unfortunately, things weren't even close to being that good this time around. The Raiders defense actually wasn't half bad this season, but their offensive troubles were outrageous. First, there was the weird Jerry Porter saga, then there was the unmotivated Randy Moss, and finally there were the no-name receivers that would fumble the ball every time they had made a first down early in a game. The team also went through a quarterback platoon of Andrew Walter and Aaron Brooks, neither of which were successful.

At the moment, there are no leading candidates for the next Raiders coach. However, with the job that defensive coordinator Rob Ryan did for them this season, you'd have to wonder if he'd get a strong consideration.

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