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- Broncos Starting Cornerback Shot and Killed

Chris Pokorny January 1, 2007
Chris Pokorny
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We are saddened to announce that Denver Broncos cornerback Darrent Williams was shot and killed in a drive-by shooting early Monday. Williams had been in an argument in a nightclub, and as he was leaving in his limousine, his vehicle was sprayed with bullets. Broncos spokesman Jim Saccomano stated that police called him around 3:00 AM and stated that three people had been shot in the limousine, but Williams was the only fatality. Williams, who was 24 years old, had just been playing against the San Francisco 49ers hours earlier.

The Rocky Mountain News is reporting that Broncos wide receiver Javon Walker was also in the limousine, but was not wounded. We are not sure at this time who else was in the limousine, but there hasn't been any word that any other Broncos were involved.

Police spokesman Sonny Jackson is trying to figure out exactly what caused the confrontation. According to people nearby, Williams and some buddies of his were attending a New Year's Eve party and that the argument didn't specifically relate to Williams.

"Why this happened, we're not sure," Jackson said. "There was some confrontation between a group of people in the vehicle and a group at the nightclub."

Broncos head coach Mike Shanahan was in complete shock according to Saccomano.

"Complete shock. We're speechless. It takes words away," Saccomano said.

Several Broncos players gathered at Denver Health Medical Center to mourn their loss. Williams was a second-round pick in the 2005 draft. He started nine times in his rookie season, and was also a starting cornerback opposite of Pro Bowler Champ Bailey this season. Williams was playing against the 49ers before having to leave the game due to injury.

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