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- Browns OTA: Quinn Learning the Ropes

Chris Pokorny May 30, 2007
Chris Pokorny
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As the OTAs continue for the Browns, much of the same stories still remain: Quinn and Frye are struggling, Edwards is the most talked about player in a negative way, and Winslow is showing signs of progression. Get ready to here that type of stuff all season long.

  1. Quinn's Errors: As expected, head coach Romeo Crennel is not yet concerned over the errant throws that rookie quarterback Brady Quinn has been making thus far. He's still in the early stages of learning the system, and is attempting to build chemistry with the other players. Quinn threw three interceptions on the first day of OTAs last week, and was picked off again this week. Receivers also dropped some of his passes, with one of those players being Braylon Edwards.
    "It's funny," Quinn said. "Everyone kind of looks at [last week] as frustration, but I sat back and thought about it for a while and I was like Hey, my first day at Notre Dame was very similar.' It was rough. I don't think I threw that many picks, but you understand, this is all part of the process.

  2. Extra Work: Because a new system is being put into place, all three quarterbacks (Quinn, Charlie Frye, and Derek Anderson) have put in extra practice already. Hopefully the Browns will be able to sign Quinn before future camps to prevent and form of a holdout.

  3. Edwards Punished: Isn't it tiring to hear how many controversial things that Edwards does, without having the same demeanors as a Terrell Owens or Joey Porter? Edwards needs to get straightened out this season, attitude wise. He worked with the third-team offense after missing a day last week due to an undisclosed family situation. Crennel explained that Edwards wasn't being punished, but instead being caught up due to their being a new system in place.

  4. Seizing The Advantage: If you're wide receiver Tim Carter, how do you take advantage of starting opposite of Joe Jurevicius? Easy: you drop the first pass that comes your way. According to Tony Grossi of the Plain Dealer, one bright spot came when quarterback Ken Dorsey threw a deep pass that was hauled in by rookie free agent Mike Mason.

  5. Running Backs: Look for Lawrence Vickers to have a solid clamp on the fullback position, despite Alan Ricard being on the roster. Also, expect second-year running back Jerome Harrison to be incorporated in Chud's offense more this season.

  6. Solid Depth: With Joe Thomas ready to clamp down on the left tackle job, the only other two secured spots are center Hank Fraley and guard Eric Steinbach. That leaves Kevin Shaffer, Ryan Tucker, and Seth McKinney to battle for the other two jobs, in terms of veterans. Don't forget that we have youngsters Isaac Sowells and Kelly Butler waiting in the wings, just in case.

  7. Linebacker News: Linebacker Leon Williams had arthroscopic surgery on his ankle and will be brought along slowly. The team also waived linebacker Mike Alston.

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