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- Browns Trade Lee Suggs to Jets

Chris Pokorny August 14, 2006
Chris Pokorny
PFC Owner & Writer

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As expected, the Cleveland Browns have traded running back Lee Suggs. The catch? We traded for a cornerback, not a center. Suggs was dealt to the New York Jets for CB Derrick Strait. Strait was originally a third-round pick by the Jets back in 2004, but was originally projected to be selected in the latter part of the first round of early part of the second round. As a rookie, Starit played in seven games for the Jets. Last year, he played in every game and recorded 31 tackles and one fumble recovery as a backup.

Strait attended Oklahoma in college, the same school that CB Antonio Perkins came from. With Daylon McCutcheon and Gary Baxter sidelined for the preseason, Strait is an insurance policy in case one of their injuries are more serious than we think. Leigh Bodden is a lock for a starter, so Strait will compete with Perkins, Daven Holley, and Pete Hunter for the other starting role. Whoever wins that role will probably be the third cornerback when Baxter returns, and then the fourth cornerback when McCutcheon returns.

Personally, I'm a little sad to see Suggs leaving the Browns. On the same note, you can't blame the Browns for cutting their losses - Suggs has a definite injury problem, no matter how much upside he may have. By trading Suggs and not William Green, the Browns have to be confident in the ability of rookie Jerome Harrison. Green has a huge opportunity to still make this team all of a sudden, so he better take advantage of it. On the same note though, you never know whether Savage is done yet. Green could still be traded to the Philadelphia Eagles for a center, which would make Jason Wright our third-string running back. Remember, the coaching staff was rather high on Wright last season.

I can't judge this trade yet until I see Strait play; hopefully he'll have enough practice to see some action against the Detroit Lions this week. I wish Suggs the best of luck in New York. We'll have more details on the trade as they come along. For full coverage on the Suggs trade, check out Dawgs By Nature, the only unofficial blog of the Cleveland Browns!

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