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- Culpepper: Staying With Vikings

Chris Pokorny February 16, 2006
Chris Pokorny
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As far as Daunte Culpepper is concerned, there’s one team he will be playing for next season: the Minnesota Vikings. Culpepper has told the media that unless he is told otherwise by team owner Zygi Wolf, he will be playing for the Vikings later this year.

Culpepper did not directly comment on speculation that he would be traded.

“I have found over the years that people with knowledge of the situation are usually the most ignorant, and anonymous sources are usually synonymous with cowards who don't want to go on the record,” Culpepper said in an e-mail to The Associated Press. “My position has been and continues to be that I am focusing on rehabilitating my knee so that I can come back and play the game I love at the highest level...”

“Until I hear different from Mr. Wilf or the new 'triangle of authority' at the Vikings, I plan on playing quarterback for Minnesota. Trying to delve into speculation, innuendo, rumor or anything else of this nature would be a waste of energy. I choose at this time to spend my energy on getting healthy. Thank you for relaying this message to the public.”

The Star Tribune in Minneapolis reported that the Vikings may attempt to trade Culpepper due to his recent contract demands. The newspaper states that someone with knowledge of the situation believes it is valid.

The Vikings announced their new vice president of player personnel, Fran Foley, at a news conference. Foley would not address the Culpepper situation directly either.

“My position will be that we're not going to talk about our football business in public,” Foley said. “It's just not going to happen. It's not the way that I do business, and it won't be the way that we'll do business from this point forward.”

When asked about Culpepper by the media, he continued to keep a tight lip.

“Whether it's Daunte or another player,” Foley said, “I can't give you an evaluation on him as a performer -- or our plans with the player.”

Culpepper is coming off of a miserable season. After losing Randy Moss in the offseason to the Oakland Raiders, Culpepper never looked comfortable in the offense. He missed about half of the season after having surgery on November 15th.

Veteran QB Brad Johnson replaced Culpepper and managed the offense very well. The Vikings have reported that there may be an open competition between the two, but to keep both men happy, it may be best to make a decision on Culpepper’s status sooner than later to keep the organization free from more drama.

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