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- Dolphins Sign Marcus Vick

Matthew Connolly May 15, 2006
Matthew Connolly

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The Miami Dolphins have signed undrafted free agent Marcus Vick. The brother of Atlanta Falcons QB Michael Vick, he attended the Dolphins rookie minicamp as a quarterback, but was signed as a "wide receiver/quarterback/specialist."

Vick entered the NFL Draft after being thrown out of Virginia Tech for numerous run-ins with the law and other incidents, both on the field and off. He came across as immature and arrogant in pre-draft interviews, which led to a drop in draft stock. Teams passed on the athletic ability of Vick, who is considered to be a better passer than his brother, because of the well-publicized legal problems.

After getting the opportunity to try out for Nick Saban in Miami's rookie minicamp, many speculated that Vick would either be signed by the Dolphins or play in the CFL. Now that the former has occurred, it is yet unclear what position he will play if he makes the 53-man roster. Some speculate he will back up newly aquired QBs Daunte Culpepper and Joey Harrington, while others see Vick as an Antwaan Randle-El-esque wide receiver.

In a statement released after the signing, head coach Nick Saban said, “I want to make it very clear that we will not condone any behavior issues in the future relative to Marcus Vick. Marcus acknowledges that he has made some mistakes, all of which has resulted in severe consequences for him. They have helped him learn that he will need to make much better choices and decisions in the future or risk similar consequences that could jeopardize his career as a professional player." Saban went on to say, “As an organization, we did an enormous amount of research, including consulting with professionals in detailed, in-depth analysis to feel comfortable that giving Marcus an opportunity as a free agent is a risk worth taking. Marcus has made a commitment to this organization and our fans to represent the Miami Dolphins in a first-class manner.”

Vick threw for 2,868 yards with a 59.8% completion rate and 19 touchdowns in two years at Virginia Tech.

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