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- Eagles Finally Sign Brodrick Bunkley

Chris Pokorny August 5, 2006
Chris Pokorny
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On Friday, the Philadelphia Eagles agreed to a deal with defensive tackle Brodrick Bunkley, who finally ended his two-week holdout. Bunkley, agreed to a deal worth $13 million, with about $10 million of it being guarenteed. Due to all of the time he has missed already, he will not be able to play in the Hall of Fame game Sunday. He probably won't be able to play Thursday against the Cleveland Browns either, considering all the time he has missed.

"We wanted to do a six. He would've preferred a five, but he realized that six was important to us very early in the negotiation, well before we went to camp. The discussions we've had have all been about a six-year deal," said Eagles president Joe Banner. "Our policy has always been there's not a gain from holding out."

During his college career at Florida State, Bunkley did very well. Last year, he recorded 66 tackles with two sacks and two fumble recoveries. Although he has missed a lot of training camp, the team feels he'll be able to learn his position quickly.

"It's hard to feel like there is a lot of accomplishment when you get a guy in two weeks late," Banner said. "But certainly once we've hit this point, we're glad to have him in. It's going to be hard to catch up, but there's enough time if he comes in in good shape and works hard for him in to start to contribute. But he won't be able to make up the time that he's lost; that's gone forever."

Bunkley attended Florida State in college and did very well for them. Bunkley had a fairly quiet start to his career, and did not start for a full season until his senior year. However, he was very impressive during his senior year.

Bunkley has the proper strength and athleticism needed to make an impact in the NFL. He does a good job making plays in the backfield by getting a quick step on an offensive lineman. Once a quarterback is in his sights, he is able to hunt him down often and record the sack, as he showed this past season. Although he's good at rushing on a pass play, he needs to work on his overall performance during a running play. He does not have the greatest size, so when the offensive line is set up for a run play, Bunkley gets pushed around. Bunkley had some injury concerns in college.

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