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- Fans Respons to Green Situation

Chris Pokorny May 29, 2007
Chris Pokorny
PFC Owner & Writer

Tell Chris your opinion.

After my post the other day asking whether or not quarterback Trent Green would ever actually reach the Miami Dolphins, you sent in your feedback:

Bill: "I don't think Green will go to Miami. Knowing Carl [Peterson] as well as we do, he will wait and push Miami to giving up on the deal. We may keep him or drop him. If we release him, then Miami will pick him up. That will force Trent to retire."

Paul: "There is no way on Earth that Carl can afford to keep Green. If he does, then he would have created the biggest quarterback controversy in modern times, and really messed the team up for a good deal of time. Personally, I think Green is going to Miami before the first of June."
Chris: "I think the Chiefs can afford to keep Green, but he would likely refuse to participate in certain drills in his current state. However, this would not really be the biggest quarterback controversy in modern times, as I believe both the Tony Romo/Drew Bledsoe and Jake Plummer/Jay Cutler controversies were more extreme last season."

Curt: "Green undermined the Chiefs' efforts to trade him by refusing to negotiate with teams other than Miami, thus Miami never made an offer for Trent to commiserate with his real value. He's clearly the best veteran QB available in the league, and his value will only rise as the year progresses, as other teams begin to have QB injuries, etc. If Trent had been willing to speak to Detroit and Cleveland in early March when the trade rumors started, chances are that he'd already be in Miami because they would have been willing to give up more than a sixth-round pick for him. Kansas City is only doing the right thing here - Green is clearly worth at least a fourth- if not a second- or a third-, and Miami is playing with fire if they think Peterson is just going to release Green outright rather than pay his salary this year. The Chiefs have the cap room to keep Trent, sign all their draft picks, and give Larry Johnson a fat new deal. Will Green actually start in KC this year? My guess is no. If KC keeps him, he'll be a seven million dollar insurance policy."
Chris: "Thanks for the input, it was very well articulated. He is the best veteran quarterback available in the league, definitely above someone like Joey Harrington. And, I also believe the Chiefs are doing the right thing by keeping Green. Giving him up for only a sixth-round pick would basically be like handing him over to the Dolphins for a bag of potato chips. In the end, I wouldn't mind seeing Green start for the Chiefs this season."

Blue: "The Chiefs blew it when they signed Huard before resolving the Green issue. That sent a clear signal that Trent was on his way out and took away his trade value."
Chris: "On the other hand, did the Chiefs really want to let Huard test the market?"

In another story, we'd like to offer our condolences here at PFCritics to New England Patriots defensive end Marquise Hill, who passed away in an accidental drowning on Tuesday after falling off of a jet ski. Hill was a second-round draft pick in 2004 by the Patriots, and had played in 13 games during his career.

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