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- Fantasy: WR Pickups/Drops

Chris Pokorny October 22, 2004
Chris Pokorny
PFC Owner & Writer

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It is nearing mid-season form for fantasy football players, and it is time to look over your team. If you have a poor record, there are some pickups that can boost your team. If you have a good record, these pickups can strengthen your team as well. Here are some pickups you should begin making with wide receivers.

Keenan McCardell: This is a "without a doubt" pickup that you need to make. If McCardell started the season with a team, he would have gone between rounds four and six probably. McCardell will be the number one receiver for the Chargers, and should especially see higher numbers due to Reche Caldwell being out for the rest of the season.

Jerry Rice: Rice's role with the Raiders was next to nothing. The Seahawks will not use the same gameplan with him. With how many drops the Seattle receivers have had, if Rice doesn't drop the ball then he should see a lot of time. If you have a low rated wide receiver on your team, it's better to take a chance at Rice.

Antonio Bryant: Bryant put up fair numbers with the Cowboys, but had constant heat with him and Parcells. Now he gets a new start in Cleveland, where he could find himself in the starting lineup. Right now he looks like he will be the number three receiver due to him just arriving, but the Browns didn't make this trade just to have him sit around.

Quincy Morgan: Notice a trend here? All four receivers so far have found new teams. Morgan will not be a starter, but will be the number three guy. Morgan drops quite a few passes, but he is pretty good with the long ball. Vinny likes to toss the ball long, so Morgan has the talent to get past the secondary for big plays still. Likewise, the Cowboys didn't trade for Morgan for him to sit the bench. He'll see some playing time.

Dennis Northcutt: This is what Northcutt has wanted. Northcutt has wanted to be in the starting lineup for the Browns, and it looks like he will finally get his chance. Northcutt has been known in the past for being a play-maker. So far this season, Northcutt came in on third downs usually and had to be the "dump off" guy for Garcia when nothing was there. Northcutt's production can only go up now. He also returns punts, so you never know if he could get you a touchdown return one day.

Anquan Boldin: If you've watched him on that free agency list all this time, don't wait any longer. He could be back in a week or two, and by then it'll be too late, if not already.

Nate Burleson: Burleson is starting to be found more often by Culpepper. Culpepper is on pace to toss over 50 touchdowns, so you should really take a chance with anyone in this starting lineup.

Peter Warrick: You should only choose Warrick if you really want to take a chance. He will produce when he comes back, but that's the problem. We don't know when he will be back.

And now, here are some people that you may as well give up on...

Marty Booker: Miami is 0-6 now, and they aren't going to really turn things around. It's nothing against Booker, but how confidant can you really be that Booker will have a successful day with Miami's passing game?

Kevin Johnson, Randy Hymes, etc: This means any Ravens wide receiver. With Jamal Lewis gone for two weeks now, they don't have a real running threat to keep teams off guard. They didn't really produce a whole lot anyway.

Jerry Porter: Oakland's passing game just seems to be not noticeable with Kerry Collins. Porter isn't really doing anything that good this season with Tim Brown gone and Jerry Rice basically not playing.

David Terrell: He has shown good signs, but you really can't have him starting when he produces nothing in three weeks, and pretty good in two weeks. He doesn't really have a QB to throw to him good enough either.

That's it for now. Next time we will take a look at some other position players.

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