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- Favre Leans Towards Retirement

Chris Pokorny January 30, 2006
Chris Pokorny
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The future may be getting clearer for Green Bay fans, and it doesn't look good for Brett Favre fans. In an interview on Friday with ESPN's Chris Mortensen, Favre stated that if he had to make a decision today, he would probably retire. If Favre chooses to retire, it'll mean that the Packers will have to make a major decision regarding their quarterback situation. Packers' new head coach Mike McCarthy is optimistic though.

"Well, he doesn't have to make a decision today," McCarthy said on Monday.

McCarthy believes that Favre's comments may simply be a reaction to going through a painful 4-12 season. On top of that, Favre threw 29 interceptions while often finding himself handing off to a fourth-string running back and throwing to a fifth-string receiver.

Favre told ESPN that he has not made a final decision on if he will retire or not.

"If I had to pick right now and make a decision, I would say I'm not coming back," said Favre. There isn't a question as to whether or not Favre can plan anymore, but whether or not it will be worth it. Favre may feel that if he comes back for another year, the only purpose would be to "entertain" the city of Green Bay, unless the rest of the Packers team can stay healthy and perform at a higher level.

"I still know I can play," Favre told ESPN in the interview. "I still love to play. But there's just so much more to it than that now. I never thought it would be complicated, never thought mentally I would give out before I did physically."

McCarthy knows what Favre is going through.

"The Monday mornings now, they add up," McCarthy said. "I went through it myself. Definitely. That's why I think he needs to get away. I think he needs to go out in the woods with his chain saw and cut trees down and keep doing what he's doing. He needs to answer that question, because if it's not in here (his heart) then it's not going to be right for him and it's not going to be right for everybody."

Packers' general manager Ted Thompson is willing to allow Favre to take his time as he makes this decision.

"That's a decision Brett has to make with his family," Thompson said. "They'll get it worked out."

If Favre does retire, the Packers will either pursue a veteran or hand the job to the young Aaron Rodgers, who will be entering his second season.

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