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- First Round Projection

Matthew Connolly April 23, 2007
Matthew Connolly

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· Detroit trades pick #2 for Tampa Bay’s #4, #35, and #68
· Minnesota trades pick #7 for Miami’s #9 and #71
· Washington trades pick #6 for Chicago’s #31, #37, and LB Lance Briggs

1. Oakland Raiders:JaMarcus Russell, QB LSU
This pick comes down to either Russell or Johnson. If Johnson was drafted, however, who would throw him the ball?

2. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (from DET):Calvin Johnson, WR Georgia Tech
Tampa Bay has long coveted Johnson, and Detroit is a team looking to move down.

3. Cleveland Browns:Adrian Peterson, RB Oklahoma
The Browns are most likely to take either Peterson or Quinn, with Peterson getting the edge because of his ability to contribute immediately.

4. Detroit Lions (from TB):Gaines Adams, DE Clemson
Detroit needs a premier pass rusher, and moving down to take Adams would make perfect sense.

5. Arizona Cardinals: Joe Thomas, OT Wisconsin
This could be the second year in a row Arizona gets lucky with in the first round. The Cardinals’ biggest need is at OT, and Thomas as simply the best of the class.

6. Chicago Bears (from WAS):Amobi Okoye, DT Louisville
With Tank Johnson’s legal troubles, Chicago needs a good DT. Okoye is a unique prospect who could contribute right away.

7. Miami Dolphins (from MIN):Brady Quinn, QB Notre Dame
Miami’s biggest question mark is at the QB position. Dante Culpepper’s injury status is uncertain, and Quinn could be the franchise QB the Dolphins have been looking for.

8. Atlanta Falcons (from HOU): LaRon Landry, S LSU
The Falcons are in need of secondary help, and top safety Landry is just the one to give it.

9. Minnesota Vikings (from MIA):Jamaal Anderson, DE Arkansas
While the Vikings don’t need a QB, they could probably bluff Miami into moving up. Underrated prospect Anderson would be a force on Minnesota’s defensive line.

10. Houston Texans (from ATL): Levi Brown, OT Penn State
OT is one of Houston’s biggest needs, and the front office would be ecstatic if Brown fell into their laps.

11. San Francisco 49'ers:Alan Branch, DT Michigan
Branch’s stock is dropping a bit, but he would be a good value pick for the 49’ers and their suspect D-line.

12. Buffalo Bills:Patrick Willis, ILB Ole Miss
Willis is a premier LB, possessing athleticism and intangibles. The Bills would be taking an immediate contributor and likely team leader.

13. St. Louis Rams:Paul Posluzny, OLB Penn State
The Rams don’t have many glaring needs that are good value at their pick. This may be a bit of a reach, but Posluzny has proved throughout college he can be on of the best.

14. Carolina Panthers:Reggie Nelson, S Florida
Nelson is a ball hawk that would fill a gap in Carolina’s secondary.

15. Pittsburgh Steelers:Lawrence Timmons, OLB Florida State
The Steelers may go for a CB, but will likely opt for the athletic Timmons to replace Joey Porter.

16. Green Bay Packers:Marshawn Lynch, RB Cal
Ahman Green is gone, so the Packers have a hole to fill at RB. Lynch was extremely productive throughout college and would be a good fit to keep the load off of Brett Favre.

17. Jacksonville Jaguars:Adam Carriker, DE Nebraska
The Jaguars would be picking purely on value here, and Carriker would be a steal if he dropped this far.

18. Cincinnati Bengals:Leon Hall, CB Michigan
After losing Tory James, Leon Hall would fill a hole and be a great value pick.

19. Tennessee Titans:Darrelle Revis, CB Pittsburgh
The Titans could go WR here, but Pacman Jones’ future is uncertain and the secondary is suspect anyway.

20. New York Giants:Jon Beason, OLB Miami
The Giants released both of their starting OLBs, so it’s clear they need to address this early in the draft.

21. Denver Broncos:Joe Staley, OT Central Michigan
Staley has been projected as high as the top 10, but could just as easily fall. Denver is an ideal fit and would eagerly pick him if he falls this far.

22. Dallas Cowboys:Chris Houston, CB Arkansas
Dallas needs help in the secondary, and Houston is a freakishly athletic CB who held his own against college football’s top receivers.

23. Kansas City Chiefs:Ted Ginn, Jr., WR Ohio State
The Chiefs lack a true #1 WR, and Ginn would be a great value pick.

24. New England Patriots (from SEA): Brandon Meriweather, S Miami
The Patriots have no gaping holes, but Rodney Harrison’s not getting any younger.

25. New York Jets:Greg Olsen, TE Miami
The Jets need a TE, and Olsen could easily develop into a feared offensive weapon.

26. Philadelphia Eagles:Robert Meachem, WR Tennessee
The Eagles have not had a #1 WR since T.O., and Meachem has the athleticism to fill that void.

27. New Orleans Saints:Aaron Ross, CB Texas
The Saints surprised many last year, and adding a playmaker to the secondary would continue their success in 2007.

28. New England Patriots:David Harris, ILB Michigan
New England usually doesn’t opt for the flashiest player, and Harris would be a great fit to replace Bruschi or Vrabel in The Patriots’ aging LB core.

29. Baltimore Ravens:Jarvis Moss, DE Florida
Moss is a quick DE who can also play OLB, and would likely replace Adalius Thomas in Baltimore.

30. San Diego Chargers:Dwayne Bowe, WR LSU
Getting a weapon for young QB Philip Rivers is a top priority for San Diego, and LSU standout Bowe easily fits the bill.

31. Washington Redskins (from CHI):Justin Blalock, OG Texas
The Redskins need help on the offensive line, and trading down with Chicago would give them needed picks as well as a top LB in Lance Briggs.

32. Indianapolis Colts: Justin Harrell, DT Tennessee
The Colts’ run defense was poor during the regular season, and Harrell is a rising star who could contribute immediately.

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