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- Giants to Face Dolphins in London in 2007 Season

Chris Pokorny January 17, 2007
Chris Pokorny
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Typically, NFL games played overseas are held during the preseason. Now, the league is changing that to the regular season. Next season, the NFL will hold its first ever regular season game outside of North America, another sign that the NFL wants to promote the sport as a worldwide phenomenon. The teams involved in the game have not officially been announced, but it is believed that the Miami Dolphins will be battling the New York Giants in London.

"There's great history of NFL football in London, and British fans have been great fans of football over the years," said NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. "We're confident that this game is going be a great success in London and will be a great foundation to play more games there going forward."

There is a drawback to the idea, though. One of the teams would lose a "home" game at "home" next season, which would probably be the Dolphins. The game would also take place around late September and mid-October, which would hopefully mean that the teams would receive a bye week either before or after the game due to the hectic travel schedule that would be involved.

Back in October, NFL owners voted to play up to two games outside of the country every season for the next five years. Only one game will be featured for the 2007 season. Back in 2005, the NFL held its first regular season outside of the United States when the Arizona Cardinals faced the San Francisco 49ers in Mexico.

The city of London is somewhat used to NFL football. The team used to have an NFL Europe team called the London Monarchs, but the team eventually folded.

What are your thoughts on the NFL featuring a game outside of the United States? Would you want your home team to lose a home game, just to play overseas? Let us know by sending us a message below, and you'll be featured in our next mailbag session.

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