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- Houston Texans Hire Gary Kubiak

Chris Pokorny January 23, 2006
Chris Pokorny
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After a miserable season, the Houston Texans have found their next head coach. The Texans hired Denver's offensive coordinator Gary Kubiak, a Houston native, to be the team's coach next season said team owner Bob McNair. McNair said that the hiring will probably be completed later this week.

"Hopefully we'll have him down here by the middle of the week and he will then be assembling a staff," McNair said.

Kubiak replaced Dom Capers, who never really got things going as the Texans' coach. After showing some promise with a 7-9 season last year, his team only had two victories this season. Several teams have shown interest in the highly regarded Kubiak.

"To lose him is going to be tough," said Broncos' QB Jake Plummer. "He really helped me step up in my career. We'll miss him, but at the same time you're excited for him. He deserves it and he's a great football coach."

There were rumors that Dan Reeves would be considered for the job, but he will stick to being a consultant for the time being.

"I think that the biggest challenge that we have is from the standpoint of putting together an effective offense," McNair said. "We've had difficulty with that process in the past."

The Texans' first decision offensively will come in April on the day of the draft. The Texans own the first pick in the draft, and have all but selected USC RB Reggie Bush already. However, the Texans could shock everyone and take the highly regarded QB Vince Young. If they don't choose either of those options, the Texans could also trade down for extra picks.

Many feel the Texans will stick to picking Bush since they already have David Carr, a former first-overall pick of the draft.

Kubiak was actually considered for the Texans' job in 2001, but he was told that he needed more experience. It was worth the wait, as Kubiak earned more experience running a Denver offense that made the playoffs several times.

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