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- In the Dawg Pound: Week 2

Kevin Figgers September 20, 2005
Kevin Figgers
NFL Columnist

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The long awaited and much anticipated season 2 of "In the Dawg Pound" has finally arrived. But we've made a few changes this year folks. As most of you know, last season I would pick the worst team performances and showcase them in the column every week. This year we will, shall we say, broaden our horizons. Instead of singling out teams every week, we will concentrate on the worst individual performances as well as the worst unit performances (i.e. offensive/defensive lines, defensive secondary). We will begin with the dreadful Houston Texans offense.

I doubt that this is what Texans fans expected out of their offense when they basically used their first two draft picks on key offensive players (David Carr in the 2002 NFL Draft and Tony Boselli in the 2002 expansion draft). Well, so far, neither acquisition has worked out as planned. Boselli suffered a career ending injury and never suited up for the Texans, and Carr has seemingly regressed in terms of his development. Mike Martz couldn't make that offense look good. 8 sacks, even to the dominant Steelers defense, is embarrassing. Granted, Carr has not had much time in the pocket to pass the ball efficiently. Here's an idea, you have a big bruising running back in Domanik Davis. How about giving him the ball a few times huh? Davis carried the ball 15 times for 60 yards, which means he was 15 carries away from over 120 yards rushing, which would have opened up the passing game. I had never been one to petition a guy to be fired but Chris Palmer had to go. Until this Texans offense can show that they can improve their play-calling and pass protection, they will remain in the Dawg Pound.

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