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- Keeper Sleepers: 2004 Version

Chris Pokorny July 28, 2004
Chris Pokorny
PFC Owner & Writer

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Fantasy Sleepers You Can NOT Forget About

This is perhaps the category that will change your teams chances in fantasy leagues. One extra player that you picked up off of free agency could be the difference, or someone you can find in the late rounds.

QB Josh McCown can turn out to be a great quarterback fantasy wise. He did pretty good starting at the end of last year. He has two excellent receivers to throw to, Boldin and Fitzgerald. McCown can also run pretty well, and I have a feeling he can get you the type of running yardage that a Jeff Garcia or Jake Plummer can get you.

Looking for a wide receiver? Did you know that wide receiver Kevin Johnson is the number one receiver for the young Kyle Boller? Granted the Ravens have not had a good passing game, but Boller has gained some experience and should do a little better. Johnson can be considered a “veteran” in ways, and can put up some nice stats as a target.

Running back Duce Staley did not leave the NFL. He could not put up too much fantasy stats with the three-headed monster in Philadelphia. Last year, the Steelers Bettis and Zeroue didn’t do much and split their times. This season, the Duce will likely run wild by himself, with Bettis coming in on some third downs occasionally. Duce should quietly put up good numbers.

On a side note, keep an eye on the Lee Suggs and William Green situation. If they split time, they won’t be worth a lot. But if one of them gets the starting role in training camp or preseason, you better log on to your fantasy league and see if they are still there. Both have the talent to do good.

With Michael Vick, the guy that will benefit the most from him that bombed last season could be WR Peerless Price. Price was dominant in Buffalo, but just couldn’t do much with Doug Johnson or Kurt Kittner last year. He should be able to “gel” with Vick, and be a true number one receiver for the team.

Don’t let Marvin Harrison let you forget about WR Reggie Wayne, who put up seven touchdowns and about 800 yards catching last year. With how Peyton Manning used Wayne in the playoffs, Wayne and Harrison could become the next combo of Holt and Bruce. Also don’t forget that Dennis Northcutt could be the Browns number one receiver after his new contract.

Though he may not be a sleeper, if RB Michael Bennett is up they’re in the later rounds, take him. Some may have forgot about him after his injuries for the start of his season last year.

I wouldn’t take my eye off of QB Rich Gannon as a possible pickup after the draft. If he is declared starter, do not forget that he was the MVP of the NFL just two seasons ago.

Here’s a possible sleeper tight end now in Randy McMichael. He’s not really a sleeper, but his stock may have risen with the loss of Ricky Williams. I certainly wouldn’t draft him over Crumpler, Winslow, Heap, Shockey, or Gonzalez though.

One of my personal favorite receivers that is a sleeper sometimes is WR Koren Robinson. Hasselback can toss a lot of touchdowns to him and Jackson, but Jackson usually gets more publicity.

That’s it for now, draft wisely. Remember, sleepers shouldn’t be taken too high, but do not wait forever, based on the situation.

-Chris Pokorny

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