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- Lutui Signed on With Cardinals

Chris Pokorny July 12, 2006
Chris Pokorny
PFC Owner & Writer

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The Arizona Cardinals signed second-round draft pick Deuce Lutui to a four-year deal on Tuesday. Lutui, an offensive lineman from Southern California, is the highest pick that's signed so far for the Cardinals. They are still waiting on first-rounder Matt Leinart and third-rounders Leonard Pope and Gabe Watson.

Lutui was thrilled about officially signing his deal with the team, and can't wait to play for the team he cheered for while growing up. The experience will start on July 30th, when the Cardinals open training camp.

"It's something I discussed with my agent (Max Hanneman), that I wanted to play right away and make my mark on the field," Lutui said. "It's a big relief, just doing that paperwork. Now it's all field work from here, just playing ball and focusing on what we've got to do for the Arizona Cardinals."

So far, the Cardinals have signed four of their seven draft picks. The team has already signed linebacker Brandon Johnson, defensive tackle Jonathan Lewis, and wide receiver Todd Watkins. Lutui, the 41st overall pick in the draft, joins them. At 6-foot-4, 338 pounds, Lutui started in all 26 games the past two seasons for USC, including their championship team two seasons ago. Two years ago, he played right tackle. Last year, he made the switch to left guard. He is ready to play at the next level now.

"Am I ready? I'm ready for football," Lutui said. "It's a great time for Arizona Cardinal football. We're trying to turn things around. We've got the new stadium."

The Cardinals have made several additions this year, including running back Edgerrin James, who hopes to bolster what has been a weak running game the past several seasons.

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