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- NE Respons to Vanderjerk

Chris Pokorny January 13, 2005
Chris Pokorny
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The tension for the classic re-match of the Indianapolis Colts and the New England Patriots is heating up. It started because of the kicker. Colts kicker Mike Vanderjagt said, "I think they're ripe for the pickin". "I think they're not as good as the beginning of the year and not as good as last year."

New England Patriots safety Rodney Harrison was the first to respond for the Patriots. "I mean, he has to be a jerk, Vanderjerk, if he sits there and criticizes Peyton Manning and Tony Dungy, one of the best quarterbacks in the game and one of the best coaches in the game. And then for him to put his foot in his mouth again just shows what type of character he has."

Two years ago, Vanderjagt made complaints about Manning and Dungy. Manning had responded by calling Vanderjagt an "idiot kicker".

After making all of his field goals last year, Vanderjagt is just 20 of 25 this season, and may be leaving for the CFL next season.

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