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- NFL Adds Amphetamines to List

Chris Pokorny June 27, 2006
Chris Pokorny
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The National Football League is toughening its drug policy by adding amphetamines to the list of performance-enhancers that are banned. The ban on amphetamines will start in 2007, meaning they will not be in effect this season.

Before being added to the list, amphetamines were considered a "substance-abuse drug" according to the NFL. In 2007 though, they'll be considered as bad as steroids and various other enhancers. This year, athletes that test for amphetamines will receive a warning after a positive test. In 2007 though, they will immediately receive a four-game suspension. A second positive test will lead to a six to eight game ban, and a third positive test will force a one-year suspension.

Harold Henderson, NFL executive vice president of labor relations, stated that the league and union are working together to toughen the penalties for amphetamines.

"We never looked at it as a competitive issue for our players, like steroids and other things, but realized the possibility that some players would use it for a gameday edge," Henderson said on Tuesday. "The union quickly agreed with us... We were all working together during the Congressional investigation," Henderson said. "We learned about it, we wondered with each other whether this was an issue to be concerned about. In the abundance of caution, we probably should be. We all understood we needed to do something here."

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