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- NFL Mailbag - Addai or Rhodes?

Chris Pokorny August 3, 2006
Chris Pokorny
PFC Owner & Writer

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The first preseason game is this Sunday, featuring the Hall of Fame Game between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Oakland Raiders. Not only does it mark the first game of the preseason, but it marks the presence of football returning to NBC. John Madden will also be inducted into the Hall of Fame, and will announce the game with Al Michaels.

Heading into the preseason, there are still a lot of questions regarding training camp, including injuries to numerous players. Let's take a look at our mailbag session to see what you had to say:

Mike Vukobrat wrote:
"I find it difficult to think of Addai as getting any more than token carries is his first year. The Colts must feel some loyalty towards Rhodes as far as giving him a chance to be the No. 1 back this year. With the Colts probably resorting to the pass most of the time anyway, neither back will be of any significance. I would only draft Rhodes as a No. 2 or No. 3 backup in fantasy drafts. With the Colts' offensive line, he should be able to approach 1,000 yards and probably 5-8 touchdowns."
Thanks for your input on the Colts' ground game. This is one of the most interesting situations in the league right now. Edgerrin James was a huge part of the Colts' offense, but no one seems to be worried that he's gone. The general feeling seems to be that Manning can throw the ball at will to make up for James not being there in the running game. Rhodes certainly has the respect of the coaches, but you also have to see what Addai has. Even if one person is specifically named the starter, I would expect a platoon. The platoon would be based on which back had the most momentum during a specific game, or which running back thrived more down near the red zone. I doubt that Rhodes will be able to attain 1,000 yards rushing though, since Addai will take away a large chunk of his potential playing time. As far as five to eight touchdowns, that is certainly possible. With the Colts passing so much, they'll be able to successfully run draw plays near the red zone.

Dboyz wrote:
"It's obvious we have a car [Marcus Spears] with bad wheels. Patch him up, and ship him out."
The injury problems for Spears are definitely a concern. However, it's still too early to consider getting rid of Spears. He still has a good deal of potential, and can really help the Cowboys' defense this season. If his injuries continue throughout this year though, it's a consideration the Cowboys should make.

Chris C. wrote:
"Regarding the Fred Taylor situation, I agree with what you mean about Greg Jones. It was good read."
Thanks for the comment. Greg Jones will certainly pose a threat to Fred Taylor's playing time this year, but he's not the only one. The Jaguars really like Maurice Drew, Alvin Pearman, and LaBrandon Toefield. It's doubtful that the Jaguars will be able to keep all five of those running backs on their roster, so either Pearman or Toefield will be shown the door. Although Toefield has been having a solid camp, all signs are pointing that he is the underdog and will be released. It's not that Toefield isn't good enough to be a backup - the Jaguars are simply stacked with running backs. And, if Taylor gets injured once again, one of those backs will take advantage in the same way Jones did last year.

jaywill wrote:
"Why don't the Texans just wait until his toe nail grows back? This dude is starting to get too many infections. I think everyone is in a hurry for this kid, but he is a long-term project. Just let his feet heal, put him in walkthrough drills and give him plenty of antibiotics."
The Texans have to be in a tough situation. The decision to pass up on the electrifying Reggie Bush is still burning many fans. The Texans' organization wants to make sure that Williams is on the field and is producing, so that they can show the fans exactly why they chose defense over offense. Toe problems can really hurt the way a player performs on the field, as has been the case the past several years. Williams toe injuries are not directly related though, so the Texans have to hope that this was simply an unlucky coincidence. Once they get better, he should be back on the field and ready to go.

I'd like to thank everyone who sent their comments in. If you'd like to be featured in our next mailbag session, leave a question below.

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