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- NFL injury update

Kevin Figgers September 14, 2004
Kevin Figgers
NFL Columnist

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There were quite a few key injuries this week in the NFL. So here is a list of injuries for all of you fantasy football fans, and football fans in general:

Detroit Lions WR Charles Rogers: injury- broken collarbone, possible return: Out for season

Philadelphia Eagles OT Sean Andrews: injury- blown out knee, possible return: out for season

Minnesota Vikings TE Jim Kleinsasser: injury- torn acl, possible return: unkonown; possibly 10-12 weeks

Green Bay Packers DT Grady Jackson: injury- strained knee, possible return: 4-6 weeks

Carolina Panthers WR Steve Smith: injury- broken leg, possible return: 8-12 weeks

Minnesota Vikings HB Moe Williams: injury- ankle sprain, possible return: 1-2 weeks

Tennessee Titans HB Chris Brown: injury- undisclosed ankle injury, possible return: will play in week 2

Cleveland Browns HB Lee Suggs: injury- strained neck, possible return: unknown, he has been cleared to practice this week

Baltimore Ravens OT Johnathan Ogden: injury- knee sprain, possible return: 1-2 weeks, he has been cleared to practice

Green Bay Packers HB Najeh Davenport: injury- strained hamstring, possible return: unknown

San Francisco 49ers CB Mike Rumph: injury- strained groin, possible return: 1-3 weeks.

Seattle Seahawks HB Shaun Alexander: injury- strained knee, possible return: He expects to play in week 2, th team has yet to make a decision. Hed is currently listed as day to day

Dallas Cowboys RB Richie Anderson: injury- strained knee, possible return: could play in week 2.

Dallas Cowboys CTyson Walter: injury- undisclosed knee injury, possible return: will likely play in week 2

San Francisco 49ers QB Tim Rattay: injury- separated shoulder, possible return: will be #2 QB in week 2

San Francisco 49ers QB Ken Dorsey: injury- stinger, possible return: will start in week 2

Dallas Cowboys HB Julius Jones: injury0- bruised ribs, possible return: could play in week 2

Tampa Bay Buccaneers WR Joey Galloway: injury- injured ribs, possible return: unknown

Minnesota Vikings CB Ken Irvin: injury- ruptured achilles, possible return: out for season

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