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- Oakland Raiders Select Michael Huff

Chris Pokorny April 29, 2006
Chris Pokorny
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With the seventh pick in the NFL Draft, the Oakland Raiders selected safety/cornerback Michael Huff of Texas. Huff will certainly help the Raiders secondary, which hasn't been the greatest the past few years. The Raiders were originally considering quarterback Vince Young, but the Titans selected him. The Raiders apparantly did not feel Matt Leinart was their future quarterback, and will be sticking with Aaron Brooks this year.

Huff was originally scheduled to go to the Detroit Lions. He is able to play both safety and cornerback very well, so the Raiders can pick and choose where they would like to place him on the field.

Scouting Information on Huff: Michael Huff played for the Texas Longhorns in college and was a part of their championship winning team this past season. He is considered a safety, but can also play the cornerback position. He is the highest-rated player in the draft that plays in the secondary.

Huff has been the leader of the Longhorns secondary the past few seasons. He is very athletic and is very versatile in playing the cornerback position just as well as the safety position. He rarely misses an assignment and is very quick when it comes to reading an offensive play. Huff tackles very well and has the instincts to blitz the quarterback at the right time as well as disguising it. His speed and experience at cornerback will allow him to match up well with a primary receiver if a cornerback gets burned or loses track of his assignment. He took several interceptions back for touchdowns in college and is always finding a way to get his hands on the football. The thing scouts like so much about Huff is that there is very little flaws in his gameplan, and that whoever selects him can swap him between two different positions if they so choose.

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