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- PFC Mailbag: Mora, Cowher Comments from the Fans

Chris Pokorny January 1, 2007
Chris Pokorny
PFC Owner & Writer

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With the regular season over, coaching changes in the NFL are already a popular topic among the fans. The firings or Jim Mora Jr. and Dennis Green, as well as the possible "retirement" of Bill Cowher has brought in the mail from you, the fans. Let's hear what you had to say:

On 12/25/06, Jeff sent the following regarding Braylon Edwards:
"Braylon Edwards is a great receiver. Don't get me wrong, he has to shut his mouth, but if he can back it up, which i think he can, then I want to see more. The lack of speed he showed against Troy Polamalu [earlier this season] is due to his rehab. He definitely needs to step it up if the Browns GIVE HIM THE DAMN BALL!!!"
Pokorny: Overall, it wasn't a bad season for Edwards in the sense that he wasn't even scheduled to make a return from his ACL injury until Week 7. Instead, he was able to start by Week 1. I feel that hurt his speed a little throughout the season. The one thing he needs to work on though is dropping some rather easy passes. Dropping the football doesn't have anything to do with injury, unless the injury involves a person's hand. I think the Browns will get him the ball more next year if they improve their offensive line to give him enough time to get open and for Charlie Frye to recognize it.

On 11/27/06, Thomas sent the following regarding officiating in the NFL:
"I would like to voice my displeasure with the officiating or over officiating in the NFL. I just finished watching the Packers vs. Seahawks [several weeks ago] and the white hat made the most horrible call that I've seen to date at a crucial time in the game. Having been an official and a coach for the past 30 years, I think it is atrocious that an official decides a football game when it should be the players. Matt Hasselbeck was not roughed in any way and it was clear on the replay. If you are going to let coaches challenge the spot of the ball, then go ahead and let them challenge stupid ass calls like the white hat made in this game. I was never in favor of instant replay, but in this case I would especially enjoy it when a dumb call by an official costs a team a possession they should have clearly had. It took points off the board that the other team received because of an ignorant call. What are these guys getting paid per game because you definitely overpaid the white hat in that game. Come on commish, get some guts. This game has turned into a game where you can't touch anyone and heaven forbid if you hit the QB. By the way, I felt you could have called roughing last week when Favre was in the grasp and going down and Bruschi decided to lay another blow on Favre. Definitely a bigger hit than Hasselbeck received this evening."
Pokorny: This is an old message that was sent to me, but I wanted to post it because it seemed as if the guy thought I was NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. Still, he made some nice points regarding some horrid calls that have been made involving quarterbacks this season. The league definitely needs to take a serious look at this in the offseason.

On 12/26/06, Larry sent the following on Jim Mora Jr.:
"I have been a fan of the Falcons since they arrived in the 60s. It has been a frustrating ride but I have remained a fan. I thought when Blank got McKay for general manager that it was going to be another Shurholtz regime, but his choice of a coach that had never had any head football coaching was a crapshoot at best. Great teams are built from the top down with great defense and a smart quarterback that is tough and unselfish. Vick is without a doubt one of the best athletes the Falcons have ever had, but he is predictable and doesn't audible enough when he should. The loss of Patrick Kearny was what killed the Falcons because we are being killed at both ends by running backs. If the Falcons are going back to the Super Bowl, they must get a tougher coach like a Van Brocklin or a coach like the Steelers have. I'm not sure any coach could win with Vick though, even if he did gain over 1000 yards. Andy Reid and Bill Cowher give their quarterback more options than Mora did. Mora needs to know if you wish for something hard enough you might just get it."
Pokorny: Thanks for the e-mail. You wrote this message to be before Mora was fired this morning, and I think it's probably the right move. Mora didn't have a horrible stay with the Falcons, and was praised after his first season. He did too many stupid things this year though, and didn't have the track history to rebound from it. Whether or not Vick is a capable quarterback is the toughest debate in the NFL perhaps. Maybe he can do wonders if a coordinator sets up the perfect system that fits his abilities.

On 12/26/06, Buzz sent the following regarding Bill Cowher possibly retiring:
"Get it over and quit."
Pokorny: I'm guessing you're not the biggest Steelers fan. Cowher already knows what his decision will be I'm sure, and if he was going to come back, he would've probably said so sooner.

On 12/27/06, Matt posted the following on Cowher's status with Pittsburgh:
"As a long time Steelers fan, one who has only seen two coaches in my lifetime head my team, I believe Cowher will retire. With that monkey off his back [Super Bowl win], his motivation is in question. I personally like the stability he has given them and I would welcome him back if he chose to stay. But again, I think he is gone."
Pokorny: All coaches would love to win a Super Bowl. If Cowher does decide to leave, he certainly finished his last game in dramatic fashion in a game that had to feel like redemption after the season that team has had.

On 1/1/07, John sent the following regarding Darrent Williams' Death:
"Sad story, but relieved to hear it wasn't a "fan" shooting. Leave that to global soccer."
Pokorny: It was definitely a tragic story, and not the type of story anyone wants to wake up to at the beginning of the new year. The incidents involving players and nightclubs is alarming, but on the same note, it's not like you can just "baby" players around. May Williams R.I.P.

On 1/1/07, Joe sent the following regarding the firing of Jim Mora Jr.:
"A great day for the Falcons organization. Jim Mora is exactly like his big-mouthed father, that is he is a loser. I can not sympathize with anyone who is a leader and sets up to fulfill his egotistical needs over the good of the unit that he leads. A West Coast offense and Mike Vick are incompatible. Vick is the centerpiece of the Falcons and the leader should employ the team based on the strengths of the people. Again, Hoorah for Arthur Blank for finally getting rid of the second Mora loser."
Pokorny: I'm sure many Falcons fans share the same feelings you guys have had. There's no excuse for the Falcons not playing better after being in the NFC Championship several years ago, having the No. 1 rushing offense in the league, and having Vick under center. With that said, I think Mora will be a coveted coach in the offseason elsewhere, whether it be as a head coach or an assistant.

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